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Rise Of Nations: Rise Of Legends Cheats "Unit Names" (PC)


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Unit Names

Use the following entries with the /cheat add code:

Queen Spider - giant
Scout form Zeke - zeke
Sun Idol - great
Queen Salamander - queen spider
Siege Zeppelin - siege
Pirata Base Ship - pirata
Land Leviathan - land
Glass dragon - glass drag
Sun Jaguar - sun
Air Destroyer - air
Moon God - moon
Moon Gorilla - moon gorilla
City - city
Doges Hammer - doges hammer
Elder Glass Golem - mega glass golem
Elder Salamander - elder
False Idol - false idol
Fire Golem - master fire golem
Lava Spider - lava
Super Clockwork Man - super
Super Juggernaut - super jugger
Turrets - turrets
Sawu Hero - sawu
Standard Dark Alin troops - dark

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