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Risk Your Life Cheats "Easy money int" (PC)


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Easy money int

While at the Ardil Port, you will see a lot of people with shops. If you click on there shops you will see that most of them have Spens for around 200,000 to 300,000. Spens are used for weapon enhancing. You can either purchase them from players or as drops from monsters with a level of 10 or higher. Blood Wolves, Risen Cadavers or even Goblins are good. If you plan on buying them from players, then you will waste quite a bit of money. Getting Spens from drops are much easier. When you have at least five or more Spens, set up a stall and sell them from about 200,000 to 250,000. Do not try selling them for over 300,000 because no one will want them. You must be very patient. Note: Do not sell them to merchants (armor shop, weapons shop, etc.), because they will only buy them for 2,500.

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