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Riven: The Sequel To Myst Cheats "Easter Eggs (alternate)" (PC)


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Easter Eggs (alternate)

This is an alternate and fasterway to unlock the Easter Eggs. Follow these instructions exactly. If "click an object" is stated, do not move forward and click it; click it from where you are. If "back away" is stated, make sure the hand is in the "move back" spot. Also, click on the indicated target only once. If the pointer disappears quickly and comes back, you did it correctly; do not click it again.

1. Start a new game, and while you are still in the cage, save the game in case you make a mistake. Do not save it after leaving it.
2. Click on the handler from inside the cage.
3. Click on the handler to see a closer view.
4. Click the top of the handler once (only).
5. Move back.
6. Move right.
7. Move up (look up view)
8. Click on the star on the cage once.
9. Move right.
10. Move right.
11. Move right.
12. Move forward. (Click by cliff with "move forward" hand)
13. Move forward (by cliff)
14. Look down cliff with "look down" hand.
15. Save your game here in case you make a mistake in the next part, as it is complicated.
16. You will see the guard, "Cho", on the ground below the cliff. Click these spots only once in order. If the pointer disappears quickly, the spot is activated : The knife on the ground, Cho's head, the holster on Cho's torso by his left arm (on the screen, and not from Cho's point of view), Cho's right hand, Cho's foot, Cho's left hand, Cho's torso (where part of his uniform has a stripe). Now all you have to do is click the name "RAWA" by the mag-lev on Temple Island, a step mentioned before, and you will have full access to the Easter Eggs mentioned earlier.

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