Roblox PC Cheats

Rating 3

Flying in other vehicles

-Insert a skateboard and a plane tool. Ride the skateboard and use the plane tool to fly it like an original plane.

-Insert a mini tank and use the mini tank tool to drive it out of the base. You will float.

Rating 3

Lava jumping

Deselect your tool and move your pointer to the ground so the green circle is visible. Then click the ground past the jump and, at the same time, jump.

Rating 2

Easy money on Farm Tycoon:

Climb the giant tree, then see the mayor to have him ask you to get 15 Wood. Cut five trees, then give them to him to receive the Mega Potato. Return to your farm and switch to the Mega Potato, then plant the crops. It is as cheap as the cabbage but earns you much more money.

Rating 2

Unlock Riddling Skull

Complete the Yorick's Resting Place quest to unlock the Riddling Skull.

Rating 2

Ripped bag

Buy a round head and a paper bag to go on your head. Put both of them on and you will see a rip in the back of the bag.

Rating 2

Head protection in Underground War:

If you are wearing a hat (paintball mask recommended) and it covers part of your head, then that area is protected. When it is hit, the hat will fall off but you will be safe. With the paintball mask, the front face mask will protect you as well as a strap in the back that also offers protection.

Rating 2

Go higher with Gravity Coil

Jump with a Gravity Coil and, when you are at the highest point, put away the Gravity Coil. When you are about to touch the ground, put it back on. Repeat this to jump higher and higher.

Rating 1

Plane controls

Get the plane or helicopter tool and sit it in the plane's seat. Perform the following actions by pressing the corresponding key:

Tilt plane up - MOUSE UP
Tilt plane down - MOUSE DOWN
Tilt plane left - MOUSE LEFT
Tilt plane right - MOUSE RIGHT
Start plane - Y
Land plane - X
Ejector seat - SPACE
180 degrees turn - T
Fire guns - F
Drop bombs - B

Rating 1

Surviving holes with vehicles

A parachute is necessary for this trick. When you start falling fast when driving, take out your parachute while in your vehicle to slow slightly.

Rating 0


Hold [Up] + S to moonwalk.

Rating 0

Make Hair

To make hair, use the Roll head and Ninja Mask.

Rating 0

Broken Ninja Mask

Get the Roundy or Perfection Head and wear it with any Ninja Mask to have a broken mask.