Rocket Knight PC Cheats

Rating 2

Unlockable Skins

Unlock the following skins by performing the corresponding tasks:

Axel Gear - Complete Arcade mode under the Hard difficulty, using the secret damage move on every Boss.
Gold Sparkster - Complete Gold Sparkster mode.

Rating 1

Gold Sparkster mode

Complete Arcade mode under the Hard difficulty setting, using the secret damage move on each Boss.

Rating 0

All skins

Press UP two times, Down two times, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, PROJECTILE, JUMP two times at the "Press Start" screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. All skins will now be available at the "Unlockables" menu.

Rating 0

Secret damage moves for Hard mode

Damage the following Bosses with the corresponding technique. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Defeat the boss, then the next level will then be in Hard mode.

Forest Shredder (Wolf Kingdom) - Reflect his dynamite back at his face.
Wolf King (Deep Underground) - Wait for him to stand on top of a breakable floor block. Hit him until laughs, then drill attack the floor so that he falls.
Axel Gear (Return To Zephyrus) - Have him get hit by the tracking purple ball attack that he uses.

Rating 0

Steam achievements

Bunker Buster - Complete world 3.
Burst Friends - Defeat 5 enemies in a single Rocket Burst or Drill attack.
City Saviour - Complete world 1.
Devotindos Defiler - Completed Arcade Mode on Hard.
Elhorn Tourist - Completed all stages.
Ferocious Flier - Completed 1.2 having defeated all enemies.
Impatient Hero - Completed all stages below par time.
Legendary Possum - Completed gold sparkster mode.
Nimble Knight - Completed 3.2 without taking damage.
Redoubtable Runner - Completed Arcade Mode on Hard within 60 minutes.
Return of the Rocket Knights - Complete world 4.
Spark Dog Millionaire - Completed Arcade Mode scoring 1,000,000 or more.
Wolf Connoisseur - Completed 2.1 having collected all pickups.
Wolf Kingdom Conqueror - Complete world 2.
Woodland Bouncer - Defeat 3 enemies with a single reflected projectile.
Zephyrus Saviour - Completed Arcade Mode on Normal.