Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 3 PC Cheats

Rating 2

Cheat Codes

Press F2, activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes, then press ENTERfollowed by F2 to activate the corresponding cheat:

Gun automatically sighted in - r3sightin
Animals do not run away - r3nofear
No noises - r3damper
Large animals - r3monster
Less animals - r3plague
Move to the nearest animal - r3find
Display animals on map - r3showme
Hunter does not get tired - r3homegym
Snowy weather - r3blizzard
Icy weather - r3ice
Rainy weather - r3water
Lightning - r3zeus
Thunder - r3thunder
Reset time to noon - r3noon
Automatically sight in gun - r3sightin
Flight mode - r3skyhook
Walk through fences - r3truck
Bullet view - r3leadeye
Strobe slope effect - r3climber
Gore mode - r3f13
Attract animals - r3beacon

Rating 1

In-game commands

Activate the following effects by pressing the corresponding keys during game play:

Toggle the screen view - KEYPAD PLUS or KEYPAD MINUS
Put up and take down your blind or treestand - F8
Toggle person view - \
Reload your gun - R
Take out and put back the compass - P
Take out your spotting scope - S
Take out your binoculars - B
Take out the map - M
Scroll through your inventory - [ or ]
Run - Hold [Shift] when walking
Crouch - CTRL
Toggle your weapon - SPACE