Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter PC Cheats

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

On-screen game (Map Screen) - bgshow
Move faster (Map Screen) - bgtrack
Attract animals (Map Screen) - bgurine
View blood trails (Map Screen) - bgvampire
More animals (Main Menu) - bgnoah
Trophy size animals (Main Menu) - bgsteroids
Sheep only (Main Menu) - bghorns
Elk only (Main Menu) - bgelkabong
Moose only (Main Menu) - bgbullwinkle
Bear only (Main Menu) - bgyogi
Rocket launcher (During Hunt) - bgbarbecue
Change weather (During Hunt) - bgweather
Super vision (During Hunt) - bgpredator
No gun movement (During Hunt) - bgsniper
Grizzly bear attack (During Hunt) - bgmeat
Alternate credits screen (Credits) - bghunte