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Dragon class

Once the "Invuln Time Up" is available, a flag pole will appear at the top of the castle. Press UP to buy the "Beastiality" upgrade for 5,810 gold to unlock the Dragon class. The Dragon class can fly indefinitely, and shoot fireballs at the cost of mana while flying. Note: Its primary stat is Intelligence.

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The following is a list of upgrades, stats, etc:
Smithy Unlock the smithy to buy and equip armor and weapons. - 1 - None
Health Up +10 Max HP per Upgrade - 75 - Smithy
Mana Up +10 Max MP per Upgrade - 75 - Smithy
Paladin Upgrades the Knight to the Paladin Class - Shield blows at the cost of mana - 1 - Health Up
Equip Up +10 Weight per Upgrade - 50 - Paladin
Enchantress Unlocks Enchantress to buy Runes to enchance armor and weapons - 1 - Equip Up
Architect Unlocks Architect to keep the Castle layout locked for 30% of the gold you find - 1 - Equip Up
Magic Damage Up +2 INT per Upgrade - 75 - Enchantress
Archmage Upgrades the Mage to the Archmage Class - Swap between 3 spells - 1 - Enchantress
Attack Up +2 STR per Upgrade - 75 - Architect
Barbarian King Upgrades the Barbaraian to the Barbarian King Class - Shout to knock all enemies backwards - 1 - Architect
Miner Unlocks the Miner Class - Can gain more money at the cost of being weak - 1 - Archmage
Shinobi Unlocks the Shinobi Class - Massive damage at the cost of no criticals - 1 - Barbarian King
Gold Gain Up +10% Gold Gain per Upgrade - 5 - Miner
Spelunker Upgrades the Miner to the Spelunker Class - Can locate all hidden chests - 1 - Miner
Assassin Upgrades the Knave to the Assassin Class - Can use Mistform to turn invisible - 1 - Miner
Haggle 6% discount to Charon's toll per Upgrade - 5 - Shinobi
Crit Chance Up +2% Crit Chance per Upgrade - 25 - Shinobi
Crit Damage Up +5% Crit Damge per Upgrade - 25 - Crit Chance Up
Lich Unlocks the Lich Class - Starts weak but adds to Max HP per kill - 1 - Haggle
Hokage Upgrades Shinobi to Hokage Class - Can vanish to avoid attacks - 1 - Haggle
Potion Up +1% HP and MP restored on meat/potion pickup per Upgrade - 5 - Assassin
Spellthief Unlocks the Spellthief Class - Attacks convert 30% damage dealt to Mana - 1 - Potion Up
Lich King Upgrades Lich to Lich King Class - Can swap Max HP to Max MP - 1 - Lich
Armor Up +4 Armor per Upgrade - 50 - Hokage
Down Strike Up +5% chained Down Strike consecutive damage per Upgrade - 5 - Hokage
Spellsword Upgrades Spellthief to Spellword Class - Can Double size, power, and cost of spells - 1 - Spellthief
Mana Cost Down -5% Spell cost per Upgrade - 5 - Spellsword
Invul Time Up +0.1 seconds of invulnerability after getting hit per Upgrade - 5 - Spellsword
Death Defy +1.5% chance of reviving upon death per Upgrade - 10 - Lich King
Randomize Children Can generate 3 additional heirs to pick from at select screen - 1 - Mana Cost Down
Beastiality Unlocks Dragon Class - Can Fly and use Fire - 1 - Invul Time Up 

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Steam achievements

Alektorophobia Kill a chicken.
Astrophobia Defeat the asteroids.
Atelophobia Choose a hero with no traits.
Aurophilia Open your very first gold chest.
Barophobia Use the special class at least once.
Bibliophilia Read the last journal entry.
Biophobia Die 20 times or more.
Blennophobia Defeat the boss in the Land of Darkness.
Cainotophilia Have one rune equipped in every item slot.
Chemophobia Defeat the trademarked chemical.
Coulrophilia Beat one of the clown's games at least once.
Decidophobia Put at least one point in every skill in the manor.
Disposophobia Find all blueprints (purchase not necessary).
Geminiphobia Beat the game... twice.
Gnosiophilia Find all the runes (purchase not necessary).
Gymnophobia Have one piece of equipment in every item slot.
Katagelasticism Mock the traitor.
Ommetaphobia Defeat the boss in Castle Hamson.
Ostiophobia Defeat the son.
Paterphobia Defeat the last boss.
Phasmophobia Defeat the boss in the Forest Abkhazia.
Plutophobia Reach level 50 or higher.
Pyrophobia Defeat the boss in the Maya.
Rhabdophilia Earn your very first Enchantress rune.
Scotomaphobia Defeat the doppleganger.
Somniphobia Play the game for at least 20 hours.
Syngenesophobia Defeat the brothers.
Zoophobia Defeat all the minibosses. 

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