Rogue Trooper PC Cheats

Rating 2

Level select

-Play any level and complete it, then quit the game and restart it. The level you just completed will now be unlocked at the "Cheats" menu.

Rating 2

All weapons and upgrades

After completing the game, instead of starting a new game, use the level select cheat and start on the first level. You will keep all your weapons and upgrades from the last game.

Rating 0

Extreme difficulty

Complete the game, then start a new game and the new "Extreme" difficulty option will be unlocked.

Rating 0

Completion bonuses

Complete the game under any difficulty setting. Start a new game, press ESC to display the "Options" menu, then select "Cheats". The following cheat options may now be activated.

1. Low Gravity Ragdoll: Enemies will fly away when killed. Put them on orbit by destroying their oxygen tank.
2. Extreme Ragdoll
3. Hippy Blood: Changes spilled blood into colorful flowers.

Rating 0

Finding the salvage

You can find the salvage in the Petrified Forest, or by following the white object on the radar.