Rollcage PC Cheats

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Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

High gravity - jackimflying
Medium gravity - flymetothemoon
Restore normal gravity - bringmebackdowntoearth
Expert difficulty - trotters
Hard difficulty - bigandpink
Scorpio League - givemescorpio
Taurus league - givemetaurus
Mirror mode - reflections
Faster speed - warpspeedmrsulu
Even faster speed - wreckedonspeed
Debug option on main menu - iamalazybastard
Toggle macros - networkfun
Speed effect - billythewhizz
Screenshot - sna

Rating 1

Quick start

If you accelerate just as the number "1" disappears and "Go" appears during the pre-race countdown, you will start at turbo speed.

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Ramp jumping

To successfully jump over a ramp and land on the other side, you must have the appropriate speed. Practice in time attack mode and check your speed indicator at the ramps. For example, at the Daytona track the speed for the first ramp is 350 or slightly slower, and the last ramp's speed is 410 or slightly slower.

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In the league, place in first in every race (Ria recommended as a driver) to unlock a secret.