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Roller Coaster Tycoon: Loopy Landscapes Cheats "Avoid ride crash" (PC)


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Avoid ride crash

-When you know a coaster is going to crash, pause game play, press the "Close Attraction" button to remove the trains from the track, then reopen the game. Resume the game and they will be saved from a horrible death. Also, you will get some entrance money from the new people that enter the ride.

-Pause game play, pick up a mechanic, and drop him by the ride exit. Assign him to that ride and there will be a 50% chance that he will fix the ride.

-If you know that a rollercoaster's brakes have failed and it is going to crash, your only option is to demolish the ride. When you do this, all people on the ride will now safely be off the ride and it will not crash.

-If a rollercoaster has crashed due to station brakes failure, even when it is fixed, most guests will not go on it because they think it is no longer safe. Demolish the ride (make sure you have saved the design first, if it is custom), and replace the space with the same ride. People will treat it as a new ride and you will also get bigger crowds.

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