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RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Cheats "More money hints" (PC)


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More money hints

  • This hint only works when you make your own scenario. Pick the things you want invented in the scenario and go to the next step, then build the landscape for the park. When you are done, close the menu that makes you chose the size and other attributes. Open up the scenery menu and build pyramids all over the park. Note: Do not put the pyramids over the park borders. Then, complete the rest yourself. When you play the scenario, you will get more money by doing nothing.

  • When building a track ride, build a fountain on the same land as the land you are about to build on. Then, after you create a piece of track (and demolishing the fountain), you can actually be paid anywhere from $126 to $1,600, depending on how many fountains you build (and destroy) with one piece of track, and you get that part of the ride free. The Single Jet Fountain works best.

  • When you have a scenario and "Six Flags Theming", take the farthest-most right Ornamental Structure and place many of them in a long straight line. After that, go to Compact Inverted Roller Coaster and build straight track where you have placed the scenery. When you do this, you will see "Cost : $-24" at the bottom of your building screen . That means you will get $24. When you are done building the roller coaster through the scenery, delete the track. This will give you $50 when you delete one section. Once you are finished, you should end up with at least $1,000 more depending on you lines size. Do this as many time as needed.

  • First, take one piece of any kind of footpath and place it about 50 feet above ground level. Then, build a drink stall on one side, a food stall on another side, a bathroom on the other side, and a umbrella stall (or anything else that sells umbrellas). Next, raise the prices of everything up to $40.00. Then click on someone who is going to the park, but is not in it yet. Keep the box above their head. When they get into the park, put them into the middle of those four stalls you built and leave them there. Eventually, it will rain or they will get hungry or thirsty. They will spend all their money on something and $40.00 will be yours. Repeat as desired.

  • First, set your price for free at the entrance of your park. Note: You cannot do this at some parks. When you see a person (or people) approach your entrance, immediately change the price to around $59 dollars or less. When they go through the entrance of your park, they will have to pay that amount. Note: Most people have less than 60 dollars when they first arrive. If you set it over $60 and they do not have enough money, they will turn around and leave.

  • When you have 30 attractions in a park, set a $90 entry fee and people will enter your park.

  • To get more out of the shops or stalls in your park, check what your guest's thoughts are. If they comment about how your food from your stall is excellent value, this indicates that they think it was a very cheap price. Raise the price of the stall to get much more money from it.

  • Increase or lower the land path and enable the Tony Day code to make guests hungry. Put a food stand on the higher or lower land path. Put the hungry guest up on the higher or lower land path. They will keep purchasing food.

  • When making a landscape and scenario in landscape editor, place several unwanted scenery in the back of the park. When you start a game using the park that you created, you can sell all the unwanted scenery in the back by demolishing it and getting plenty of money.

  • In scenario editor, make a park and put about 50 Goliath signs in the park, then save the game. Play your created park and just delete all of the signs.

  • When you want to earn money on "Build Your Own Six Flags", build water spouts, water fountain, trees, or any scenery in a 1x1 square. Place scenery pieces in a 3x3 square, then place a Scrambler (or any 3x3 size ride) onto of the fountains, then delete the ride.

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