RollerCoaster Tycoon PC Cheats

Rating 4

Helping sick guests

To help sick guests, place benches near the roller coaster exit paths for guests to sit if they become nautious. Also, place benches by snack bars.

Rating 4

Shop and stall placement

Place shops and stalls towards the back of the park rather than near the entrance. Your guests will be more likely to pay higher prices for snacks.

Rating 3

Multiple names

You can have more than one person with the same name by changing the capitalization of the letters. For example, you can name one guest "Simon Foster" and another guest "SIMON FOSTER".

Rating 3

Easy money hints

-To easily gain money, open a ride and as soon as it is full, double click on close to get the money the guests paid for the ride.

-When your park has enough money to afford all of advertisement campaigns, put all of them on. Then, hike the entry price to $50. Crowds will come swarming in because of the advertisements and will pay $50 to enter.

-When in Dynamic Dunes go to the Dynamic Blaster roller coaster. Set the price to t $3, then wait until there is a very long line, then hike the price up to about $10. Every person in that line will have to pay $10 to ride.

-When people get on a ride, pause the game, close the ride, and select the "Construction" button. All the people will get off the ride. Open the ride back up and resume the game. The next people in line have not left, and will walk into the ride. Continue doing this as many times as desired.

-Send out advertisements for the park for six weeks, then make all rides free and set the admission price free. This will lure the guests in, but do not do this no longer than three months. The best time to do this at is when you have added rollercoasters.

-Earn more money by setting all prices at the lowest before free.

Rating 2

Special Guests

Unlock the following guests by giving them the corresponding names:

A fast go-kart racer Michael Schumacher
Automatically Happy Guest Melanie Warn
Fast Go-Kart Driver Damon Hill
Guest Paints Pictures Simon Foster
Guest Takes Numerous Photographs Chris Sawyer
Guest will make other guests rich Richard Branson
Positive Thinking Guest John Wardley
Slow Go-Kart driving Mr.Bean
Waving Guest Katie Brayshaw 

Rating 2

Mega Park

To unlock the Mega Park, complete all levels.

Rating 2

Keep guests in park

To keep all of your guests in the park, place a not entry sign at the exit. After getting the required number of guests in your park, raise the land right before the exit/entrance to the park. Also, go to the entrance of your park and build a bridge. Then, make a hole under the bridge so that people cannot leave.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding guest names:

Picture guest - "Chris Sawyer"
Painting guest - "Simon Foster"
Waving guest - "Katie Brayshaw"
Hungry guest - "Tony Day"
Happy guest - "Melanie Warn"
Double payment for rides guest - "John Mace"
"Wow!" thinking guest - "John Wardley"
Faster Go-Karts - "Damon Hill"
Even Faster Go-Karts - "Michael Schumacher"
Slower Go-Karts - "Mr Bean"
Rich guests - "Richard Branson"
Pick pocket - "Richard Tan"

Rating 1

Cleaning paths

To quickly clean a pathway, simply place a new pathway over the dirty one.

Rating 0

Double ride development

To double your ride development, name your first guest "e=mc2" and name your second guest "e=mc3". After about one year, they will ask you to hire them. Answer "Yes" and use maximum funding to double your ride development.

Rating 0

Keep ride's popularity

To maintain a scary ride's popularity, delete a segment of the track and replace it with the same item. The guest will think that the ride has been improved and continue to ride it. Also, if you change the color of a ride your guests will think it is a new ride. Note: Do not pick green or orange; your guest will complain about it.