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Rome: Total War Cheats "Give Trait Edit example" (PC)


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Give Trait Edit example

First, select a trait from the list in the "Export_descr_character_traits" file in the "\activision\rome - total war\data\" folder. Using a text editor, view the file and the Traits Name will be at the top. Use the give_trait code with the desired trait's name and the level. For example, give_trait "Aulus" "RomanHero" 5. Note: Traits have variouslevels. Check the "descr_character_traits" file to see what the maximum level they can be. This is determined by the number of levels listed. They range from 1 to 5. They are in order from the weakest level of the trait to the strongest. For example, Level 1 would be listed as Local Hero the weakest trait for the Hero Trait; where as level 5 would be the strongest, which is listed as Legendary Hero.

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