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Rome: Total War Cheats "Taking settlements hints" (PC)


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Taking settlements hints

-Note: This only works when attacking, and when the enemy has a wooden palisade or walls. When you want to take a settlement and you are completely outnumbered, get two gate rams. When you are deploying, take half of ypur troops and move them over to one gate. Leave your general with the first group. The enemy will most likely send only horses to the second group. Bring good soldiers so that you can charge in after you attack. If done correctly, then the enemy should stay attacking the first group. Leave your archers with the first group to "rain fire on the enemy". You would probably take the settlement. Note: This works best against barbarians and sometimes rebels.

-Before entering the town, village, or city, soften up the enemy with ranged weapons. Breach the wall at several points and attack the town square from all sides if possible. Also, try not to bring ranged-only units into the city. Instead, leave them outside the walls; or if this is too far, bring them to the inside edge of the wall.

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