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RuneScape 2 Cheats "Easy experience hints" (PC)


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Easy experience hints

-The following places are excellent places to train:

The Blurite Cave (south of Sarim): You can fight the Muggers if you are a new player. When your level increases, go further in and fight the Pirates.
Al-Kharid Palace: Fight the Guards here for some easy money.
Varrock Sewers: This is a great training place. Fight the Rats and Spiders if you are a novice, then move on to the Zombies. Further in the cave are level 22 and 25 Skeletons, level 24 Zombies (have better drops, usually 10 gp), level 28 Hobgoblins, and level 28 Hill Giants.

-As a member, go to the world map find Relleka and go there. Go all the way north and you will see a group of rocks. If you walk near one, it will turn into a level 13 Rock Crab which has 51 health.

-While on Tutorial Island, you cannot level anything up past level 3. However, it is best to level up everything that you can there since you get free equipment to do it with, and the rats are unlikely to kill you. You can get you magic up to level 3 by casting Wind Strike on the rats instead of the chickens. Also, do not leave the rat cage until both your attack and defense are up to level 3 because you will not be able to get back in. Because of this, take a lot of food in with you.

-At Al Kharid gates, pay a toll of 10 gp. Go directly to the Al Kharid Desert until you see a big castle full of guards. Most likely, people will be fighting them. This is when you can attack. If a guard is fighting someone else, you can attack and level up without being noticed by a guard. The rewards are 3 to 20 gp.

-Note: The following can be done by members with an axe "hatchet" and knife. Keep cutting logs and turn them into arrows shafts. Wait until you have about 2,000 of them, since they will sell for 15 to 20 gp each. You can get 15 arrow shafts per log, making 225 to 300 gp per log. 2,000 arrow shafts will sell for 30,000 to 40,000 gp.

-If you are not a member, complete the Rune Mysteries quest. Get an iron pickax (level 1 Mining), or the best that you can use. Mine Rune Essences in Varrock and keep banking them until you have about 10,000. You can sell them for 45 gp each. Each Rune Essence gives 5 experience points.

-Go to Barbarian Village. Note: Bring food if you are a lower than level 23. Go north of where the coal is located. You will see Unicorns if you are going the correct direction. Proceed north until you see a red "!" and go to it. Down the trapdoor are level 2 Spiders and level 21 Skeletons. If you go deep enough, you will find level 29 and 34 Hobgoblins and level 28 Hill Giants. You will also find some zombies.

-As a member, go into Frankenstrain's Castle and go outside. There will be some tombs. Open one up and go in. There are level 25 creatures that give you over 500 experience points. Their maximum hit is 1, and they have 100 to 104 HP. However, they have bad defense, attack, and strength. Note: You must have completed the game up to the part where you use the symbols with the crypt in the Creature Of Frankenstrain quest.

-Go to the Mage Training Arena north of the Dueling Arena. Once there, get enough points for the Bones To Peaches spell (this also requires level 60 magic). After a few days of work, you should finally have this spell. Once you use this spell, all of the Bones in your inventory will turn into Peaches. The Peaches will heal 8 once you eat them. Some of the locations you can train at are against the bandits in the Al Kharid desert, Dagganoths at the lighthouse, Dust Devils in the Smokey Well, and Fire Giants inside the Waterfall. Note: With this spell you will never need to bank as long as you have an Earth or Water rune (a Mud Staff would work), and some Nature runes, giving you faster experience when training.

-Use the following trick to get fast Willow Lumber and experience points. To begin, you will need 1,000 to 3,000 gp. Go to the Draynor Village bank and find someone who will work for money. Tell the person (preferably someone level 3 to 10) that you will pay them 100 gp to 200 gp to take a full load of logs to the bank and return to you for more logs. Don't tell them the how much the logs really are or else they might keep them. The best place to do this is just on the other side of the wall west of the three stalls. There are four trees there, unlike just behind the bank where there are usually lots of people. Do this trick if there are lots of people around in every realm.

-Reach level 25 Herblore then kill Chaos Druids to gain Herbs. Identify them. If you get Ranarr Weed, sell them for 5,000 t0 6,000 gp each. The ones you cannot identify will sell for 1,000 to 2,000 gp each.

-For easy prayer experience, travel north into the wild from Varrock. After traveling north for a short distance, you will come across a chaos temple. Go inside and it will have an altar where you can pray. Also, there are bones around it that respawn. Keeping picking them up and burying them for easy experience.

-In Rimmington, go upstairs in the house with two people. Talk to Anja and ask her for free items. She will give you either one or two coins. Repeat as desired.

-As a member go to Castle Wars on World 2 or 12 and battle. You should increase your level quickly. It is recommended that you have a Rune Scimitar, Adamite or Rune armor, Runes and a combat level of over 50.

-After reaching combat level 50, you can go to the best experience gaining area in the game called Pest Control. Note: You must have a membership account. Go to Port Sarim south of Falador and find someone named Squire. He will ask you if you would like to go to the Void Knights outpost. Tell him "Yes" and he will take you on his ship. Go north and you will find a bank. Take out your best armor and weapon and board the lander north of the bank. It will take you to an island. Kill the monsters there and you will receive 4 experience points for each hitpoint of damage you inflict. Also, if you win the mini-game you get a Pest Point which you can also use to exchange for more experience from any Void Knight. Note: You do not lose anything if you die. Do not bring food or anything else.

-You must have first done the Priest In Peril quest and start the Creature Of Fenkenstrain quest to get a key before doing this trick. Go to Canifis and walk past Fenkenstrain's house until you get to a graveyard with about four tombs. There will be two tall tombs. Walk over to the last tall tombstone and open it using the key. You can fight his experiments. They are only level 25 but have 100 HP. Note: Do not attack the level 51 experiment because it is relatively tougher than the regular experiments.

-Use the following trick to get infinite Mage experience. You must use a mage strike like Earth Blast, Earth Bolt, Earth Strike or Fire Water or Wind of all the above. Go to the elemental wizards near Fally (Air Wizard, Fire Wizard, Earth Wizard, Water Wizard). Use the same mage attack as the wizard. For example, if attacking the Earth Wizard use Earth Bolt. If you use the same attack as the wizard you will do no damage and never kill it, but still gain experience points. Do not allow the game to idle like this because you can still get hurt and may die.

-For easy Woodcutting experience and money, chop trees in the space between the Grand Exchange and the West Bank of Varrock. Store the logs until your Woodcutting is 25. Sell all the logs you get at the Grand Exchange for about 19 gp each. Buy a Mithril Axe and start chopping Oaks anywhere you can find them. Store the logs until you have 41 Woodcutting. Sell all the Oak Logs you get at the Grand Exchange for the minimum price. Sell all your axes and buy a Rune Axe for 8,000 to 10,000 gp. Go to Draynor and chop Willows below the bank. Store the logs until your Woodcutting is 65 to 70 (recommended). Sell all your Willow Logs at the Grand Exchange at minimum price. Next, chop Yew trees in Edgeville below the bank. There should be two of them closer to barbarian village. Chop as many as desired. Sell the logs at Grand Exchange for at least 300 gp per log.

-For two easy levels, go to Lumbridge and go in the trapdoor of the first house next to the bridge. Talk to the man sitting in the chair. Say the phrase "I could kill the dragon for you". He will say, "Thank you, but no" will give you two antique lamps.

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