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RuneScape 2 Cheats "Easy money hints" (PC)


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Easy money hints

-As a member, get to 5 Herblore. Create as many Antipoison potions as possible. Then, sell them to the general store. You will get 114 gp for each potion.

-Complete the quest that allows you to mine Essences. Mine as many as desired and sell them for 45 gp each.

-Raise your Fishing up to 40 then fish Lobsters. Get high combat (over level 50 recommended) and good armor (Adamite+ recommended), then go in the volcano on Karamja Island and kill Lessers. They drop lots of money, and occasionally Rune Med Helement. Sell the Rune Meds for 10,000 gp each.

-Reach a Combat level over 50, Magic 55, then get 60 gp, food (swordfish or lobsters), good armor and weapon (Adamite or Rune - recommended). Go to Karajama's Lesser Demons Pits and kill them until you get a few Rune Mediums if possible. Then, get five Fire Runes and one Nature Rune for every Rune Medium you get. Use High Alchemy on them. You will get 11,000 gp for every one you use it on. Alternately, you can get 55 Magic and 10,000 and purchase one Rune Medium. Use High Alchemy on it and get 11,000 and buy another until you run out of Runes to make a 1,000 gp profit for each one.

-As a member, go to the Gnome stronghold and pick Flax. Make them into bowstring, then sell them for 100 gp each.

-Increase your Mining level up to 40. Go to the mine near Rimmington. Mine Gold Ore until your pack gets full. Then, go to the general store in Rimmington. Sell the Gold Ores there. 7 Gold Ores are worth more than 300 gp. Note: Watch out of the Rock Golem; it appears sometimes when you are mining.

-Get a brass key and go to Barbarian Village. Go east from there and, when you reach the bridge, turn left. You will see a shack. Use your brass key on the door and climb down the ladder. Kill the giants there, collect the items that they drop, (3 to 300 gp, Big Bones, Iron Full Helm, Iron Kite, etc.), and continue fighting until you run out of space. Then, sell the Big Bones for 200 gp each and sell the iron items at the shop.

-Complete the Rune Mysteries Quest, then mine Rune Essence by teleporting from the rune shop near the bank in East Varrock. Sell your essence for 10 to 35 gp. This results in easy money and only requires level 1 mining.

-As a member with 55 Magic, buy as many Magic Logs and Nature Runes as possible. You must have an equal amount of them. Choose the same amount of Flax and make them into Bowstrings. Have someone make them into Magic Longbows for you. You can then Hi Alchemy them. By doing this, you will get 136 gp profit each time and magic experience (if you buy your Nature Runes for 400 gp each and Magic Logs for 1,000 gp each).

-Go down in the basement of Varrock Bank and use the Telekinetic Grab spell on some coins beyond the gate. You will get enough coins to buy the required runes for the spell and make a profit.

-As a member, there is a fast easy way to make lots of money: bowstrings. First, get a fairly high crafting level, around level 20 or higher. Then, go over White Wolf Mountain and go south of Seer's Village. Pick a full load of flax and go into a small building with a ladder. Go up the ladder and spin the flax into bowstrings. Go to the bank and sell them for no less than 100 gp each. It is possible to get about 100,000 gold in an hour.

-At the cooking range in Rimmington, go up the stairs. There is a man and a woman there. On the floor by the table is a bronze scimitar. Pick it up and it will regenerate. Pick up as many as you can hold and sell them in the general store for 20 gp each. Do not sell too many at once, as the price will drop.

-One method for members to get money is to get your thieving up. Once you can steal from the chest in Androgue, go there. You can get about 15 gp each time. Once you get high enough, you can then steal Nature Runes which you can sell for 300 to 350 gp each. Keep working on it and eventually you will be able to steal sharks and sell them for 1,200 gp each.

-Stand in front of the wild and steal any kind of food, except for bananas and cabbage. Sell meats, cakes, pizza, and bread. You can get anything.

-Try the following if your character is at level 30 or higher. Kill Hill Giants. They will give you money and Big Bones which can be sold for 100 to 300 go. They also drop Nats and Law Runes. Law Runes are worth 1,000 gp each. Nats are worth 500 gp each. They also drop Iron Helms and Kite Shields.

-In level 28 wilderness, there is a place with a group of Red Deadly Spiders. There will be a room that has some Gold Ore in it. If you stay in that room when there are no spiders in there, the Gold Ore will respawn about every two minutes. The spiders will not come in that room because you are not moving. You can stay there until your bag is full, then run to the bank, deposit the ore, and repeat.

-First, mine Copper and Tin at the mine southeast of Varrock. Smelt it at Smelter South then go back to Varrock and make them into weapons. Sell them at the general store then put your money in the bank. Repeat this until can mine Iron and smelt it. After you get 3,500 gp, go to Drowvan Mines. PUrchasea a Mithril Pick and mine. Then when you can upgrade your pick at level 30 mining, mine Coal until you get 32,000 gp. Purchase a Rune Pick. Mine Coal and Iron and smelt them to Steel. You can do this until you can mine Mithril. By that time you can smelt it.

-You need to have 10,000 to 20,000 gp to start this trick. Purchase as much coal as you can afford for 100 gp each. Then, sell it for 150 to 200 gp. Purchase low, sell high. If you were to buy 200 coal for 20,000 gp and sell for 150 gp each, you would make a 10,000 gp profit. Continue doing this to get rich.

-Coal prices are 200 gp each. The easiest way to make money is to purchase coal from 150 to 170 gp each and sell it 200 gp each. Never sell coal that is not in even 100s. You need a reasonable starting sum to really gain money quickly.

-A good way to make money is to make Air Runes. Buyers are difficult to find but it makes a lot of money. After your Runecrafting is high enough to make triple Air Runes, buy Rune Essence for 40 gp each and make Air Runes with them. After using 1,000 Essence for example, you will have 3,000 Air Runes. 1,000 Essence will cost only 40,000 gp, while selling 3,000 Air Runes will net you 60,000 gp (a 20,000 gp profit). Doing this will allow you to buy 1,500 Essence and make 4,500 Air Runes, , which sell for 90,000 gp, and so on.

-Note: You must be a member. Over level 40 mining and pickaxe and rune recommended. Go to the volcano on Karamja that has lesser demons in it. Locate the gold ore near where you just entered. Mine it until getting a full pack. Enter the cave next to you, and locate the ore/gem seller. Sell all you ore to him, then go back to the ore, sell, and repeat until you have about 65,000 of the "Tokkuls". Locate the armor/weapons seller and buy the shield. You will now have a shield worth 600,000 gp, plus easy mining experience.

-Purchase some tiaras from Fallador and sell them to Varrock. You will gain 10 gp for each Tiara sold. Tiaras cost 30 gp in Fallador and sell for 40 gp in Varrock/ If you have already completed the Rune Mysteries quest, keep one tiara to enchant in the altar to gain double the runes for each time you craft the specific tiara.

-Sell Grey Wolf Furs to the fur trader in Varrok to make easy money. To do this, you have to be a member and have at least level 35 Thieving. Go to Ardougne to the fur stall. Trap the trader and any nearby guards in the building behind the fur stall. Start stealing as many furs as you can. Then either teleport to Varrok or take the long way and walk. Take a full load of them and sell them to the fur trader in the center of Varrok by the fountain. He takes them for 120 gp each. A full load gives you exactly 3360 gp per load of 28.

-Purchase a Brass Key and have level 20 to 30 Defense, 23 to 30 Attack, and 30 to 50 Strength. Get any mithril or adamantine weapon (mace and normal axe not recommended). Get full mithril or full adamantine or a combo of the two. Then, go between Varrock and Barbarian Village up to a little house. Use the Brass Key on the door. Then, go down the ladder and you will see Hill Giants. Kill them until you have 25 to 27 Big Bones. Put them in the bank. When you have 100 or more, sell them in a populated world for 200 to 400 gp each.

-Headto Al Kharid and speak to the silk salesman. When he asks if you want silk, ask how much is it. He will say 3 gp. If you say that it is too high then he will drop the price to 2 gp. Purchase as much as you can afford. Put it in the bank and go back to buy more. When you have spent all your money buying it for 2 gp, go to the bank and withdraw it all as a note. Switch worlds and go to the clothes shop in Varrock (to avoid having to spend 10 gp toll either teleport to Lumbridge, walk to the top of Al Kharid and go out that way; or if you have level 25 magic, teleport directly to Varrock). Sell them all to Thesselia in the clothes shop for a hefty profit. Repeat the process and buy even more silk from the salesman. Remember to buy for 2 gp so that you will get double what you had before.

-In Al Karid, purchase as many silk as you can. Then, go to Ardrogne and sell the silk to the silk person for a profit of about 58 gp profit each time.

-In Karajama, fight Lesser Demons. You can earn about 5,000 gp in an hour between the items and coins.

-For easy money with a low level character, go to the Varrock mining pit. and mine some iron. After you mine the ore go to the Grand Exchange. Put the ore in the exchange. Iron Ore sells there for about 75 to 88 gp each. Note: You can get more if you save the Iron Ore inside your bank.

-Increase your fishing level to 10 or higher. Go to Port Sarim and buy a fishing rod and as much bait as possible. Go to the fishing spots near the Lumbridge mine. Fish as much of the levels 5 and 10 fish. Afterwards, sell them back at Port Sarim. For a full inventory you get roughly 500 to 1,000 gp. Note: If you get your fishing to level 30 or higher you can buy and sell Salmon, Tuna and Trout.

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