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RuneScape 2 Cheats "Easy runes hints" (PC)


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Easy runes hints

-Get to level 40 or higher, then get about 15 Salmon and some armor. Go north into the wilderness, to level 6 wilderness. Go west until you find some level 7 and 20 Dark Wizards. Kill them to get lots of runes.

-Makea Tiara using a Silver Bar and a Tiara Mold, then go to the mysterious rune altar that you wish to enchant the Tiara with. After that, use the Talisman and the Tiara with the altar. You will then enchant the Tiara. Whenever you craft runes using that Tiara you will craft double the essence that you have. Note: To craft runes you must have completed the Rune Mysteries quest.

-For easy emeralds and chaos runes, go to the wilderness. Go past the place with the zombies. Go past the venomous spiders and you will find a river of lava. Follow the river and you will see some level 20 Giant Spiders and some little spiders. Run up the hill that they are on. You will find a cut emerald. After that, go to the big hill next to it. There will be a lot of Skeleton Warriors and Giants. Scattered around them will be unlimited chaos runes.

-A recommended place to find Runes is the Dark Knights Fortress. It is directly north of the Dark Knights Fortress and northwest of Edgeville. You can find all non-member's runes up to chaos with short respawn times. However, be aware that it is common to find team PKers waiting for someone to come near. Also, be aware of the Dark Knights in the castle as they can be a tough fight for low level characters, and for higher level characters who might also have to contend with PKers.

-Head to the Grand Exchange in Varrock. Either set fire to your own logs, or wait for someone to do it for you. Pick up all the ashes. Sell them at the Grand Exchange. If you fill your inventory with ashes, it will be a quick 300 to 400 gp.

-On the way to the desert village there is a scorpion pit. In there is a rune that repeatedly respawns. On the right side of the mine is a Fire Rune. Click the cliff and wait for the rune to appear. This requires some patience. Collect the Fire Rune. Get about 100 to 200 of them, then go to the Rune Shop in Varrock and sell them.

-To do this trick you must have 28 Thieving and know how to get to Relleka. Go to the helmet shop in Relleka and go upstairs to find a chest. It contains one Nature Rune and 3 gold pieces. However, you can open it more than once and receive more. When you try to open the chest, right click and check for traps. If you do not do this, you will be hurt severely if you try opening it. It will turn a lighter color when you open it, and you must wait a few seconds until it turns back to the darker shade of brown to indicate that you can get another Nature Rune. These can be used for multiple spells and can also be sold at the Grand Exchange for about 300 to 400 gold pieces each.

-First, get 1,400 gp. Go into the wilderness and locate the person that sells the capes. Buy 28 of them at 50 gp each (1,400 gp total). Go to the Grand Exchange and sell all of them there for 150 gp each (4,200 gp total). The person who sells the capes is in level 46 wilderness. Note: Watch out for the ghosts because they can hit frequently.

-To get free Mind and Wind Runes, begin a new game. Talk to the bank and magic tutor in the tutorial. When you get the Mind and Wind Runes, deposit them in your bank. Talk to the magic tutor again to get 30 more runes of each type. Continue doing this until you have as many as desired. You can also do this after the tutorial; however there is a wait time before you can get more runes.

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