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RuneScape 2 Cheats "Getting good items" (PC)


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Getting good items

When at level 55 or higher, get plenty of food like Swordfish and Lobsters and go to the barb village. Go to the door of the pub. Then, go around the pub on the left side. Walk until you see a trapdoor that reads "Jail Entrance" and go in it. You should see a "!" on the mini. Go to it and pull back the poster. There should be Mugglers there. Walk past them until you reach a staircase. Climb down, then go right past Crockroach Drones (level 8) and Workers (level 56). Do not be scared; they will not attack. Continue until you reach a jail door. Go through it then walk north until you see level 83 Crockroach Soldiers. Attack them. They will drop things such as Mithril and Addamanite Ore, Runes, Coins, Rune Scimmys, Rune Square Shields, uncut jewels, and more. Note: This should be done by melee only because it can use ranged attacks that can do up to 15. Its melee only can do up to 10s; be careful.

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