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RuneScape 2 Cheats "Killing the Spirit for Lost City" (PC)


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Killing the Spirit for Lost City

Reach level 30 to 35 Fletching, a Ring Of Dueling, 30+ Range, 60+ Combat, and 25 Swordfish. Cut or buy a Willow, a bowstring, and about 200 Iron or Steel Arrows. Make the Willow an unstrung bow and take the arrows, bowstring, and the unstrung bow. String the bow on Enteria. Fight the zombie with your fist or feet until you get a Bronze Axe. Run past the Greater Demons until you get to the tree. Attempt to cut it and a level 101 or 103 Tree Spirit will appear. Run behind the fungus so you can use a range attack. This should only take about two minutes; move your character often. Run into the hole if you do not have a Ring Of Dueling, and use the Swordfish for health. If you have the ring, teleport to the duel arena, cut the branch, then go inside the shed east of the starting place.

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