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RuneScape 2 Cheats "Lost City quest" (PC)


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Lost City quest

Have level 36 Wood Cutting, level 31 Crafting, and level 30 Magic or level 50 Ranging. You also need an axe for tree chopping and knife for carving. Talk to the adventurer near Lumbridge Swamp. ask about Zarnaris until the quest begins. The adventurer will tell you about a leprechaun hiding in a tree. Go just north of the clearing and you will find a tree that reads "Chop". Instead of chopping it down, click on it. The leprechaun will appear. He will tell you about the Dramen Tree on Entrana. At this point you must decide on Range or Magic. If you are using Magic, get enough Runes for about 40 Earth Bolts, or enough materials to fletch about 100 arrows and a bow. Go to Entrana from Port Sarim. You cannot bring armor or weapons. This is why you need the runes and arrow material. Go down into the cave on the north part of the island. Here you will find level 24 zombies. Kill them with your bare hands until you have a Bronze Hatchet. Then, go through the Greater Demons and chop the Dramen Tree. You will be attacked by a level 101 Tree Spirit. Stand behind the mushrooms and shoot it until it is dead. Get a Dramen Branch and teleport out of there. Then, go to the swamp. Go in to the shack with the Dramen Staff (carved from the Dramen Branch). You can now use the Dragon weapons.

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