RuneScape 2 PC Cheats

Rating 5

Strange dead tree actions

Go to Draynor Manor and go up from lumber bridge, then go left until you get to a road with four lines. Go up and try to chop the tree by the dead bush. You will not be chopping it. Instead, you will see the dead tree hit you and distract you until you go away. At anytime you find some of these, sometimes they will attack you. Also, in the wilderness (levels 3 to 9), you can try to chop a tree, but you will not chop it. It will turn very weird, and also break your axe. Note: You cannot use this trick to die.

Rating 4

Reach Member land

Member land is Member-only. Use one of the following methods to get to it:

Travel over White Wolf Mountain. It is free but full of wolves.
Travel under White Wolf Mountain using places with the Dwarves.
Travel using the Traders ship. This is costly, but safe. To do this travel buy a ticket for 150 coins and travel to Keldagrim.
Teleport spells. To get to Ardounge you must complete the Plague City quest.
Teleport lever in the Wildy (Deserted Keep, can be teleported back to Wilderness)

Rating 3

Pirates Treasure quest

Open the world map and go to the park in Falador. There is a brown "T" in the middle of the park. Get a spade and dig in the middle of it to complete the quest.

Rating 3

Restless Ghost quest

To locate the "Ghosts Skull" for the "Restless Ghost", go to the wizard's tower. Go down to the basement. Go to the back of the drawers. Take the skull on the table. A level 13 skeleton will appear. Defeat it and get away. Give its skull to the "Restless Ghost".

Rating 3

Light logs without trying

Use any kind of log with your tinderbox. You will atempt to light the logs. When your character moves, click on your tinderbox and logs. If timed too late, your person will attempt to light them.

Rating 3

Easy coal

Go to Edgeville and continue northwest until you reach level 9 wild. If you do not find the coal mine, go west or east to find it. It is at level 9. If you do not find it, you usually should go west first.

Rating 2

Easy runes hints

-Get to level 40 or higher, then get about 15 Salmon and some armor. Go north into the wilderness, to level 6 wilderness. Go west until you find some level 7 and 20 Dark Wizards. Kill them to get lots of runes.

-Makea Tiara using a Silver Bar and a Tiara Mold, then go to the mysterious rune altar that you wish to enchant the Tiara with. After that, use the Talisman and the Tiara with the altar. You will then enchant the Tiara. Whenever you craft runes using that Tiara you will craft double the essence that you have. Note: To craft runes you must have completed the Rune Mysteries quest.

-For easy emeralds and chaos runes, go to the wilderness. Go past the place with the zombies. Go past the venomous spiders and you will find a river of lava. Follow the river and you will see some level 20 Giant Spiders and some little spiders. Run up the hill that they are on. You will find a cut emerald. After that, go to the big hill next to it. There will be a lot of Skeleton Warriors and Giants. Scattered around them will be unlimited chaos runes.

-A recommended place to find Runes is the Dark Knights Fortress. It is directly north of the Dark Knights Fortress and northwest of Edgeville. You can find all non-member's runes up to chaos with short respawn times. However, be aware that it is common to find team PKers waiting for someone to come near. Also, be aware of the Dark Knights in the castle as they can be a tough fight for low level characters, and for higher level characters who might also have to contend with PKers.

-Head to the Grand Exchange in Varrock. Either set fire to your own logs, or wait for someone to do it for you. Pick up all the ashes. Sell them at the Grand Exchange. If you fill your inventory with ashes, it will be a quick 300 to 400 gp.

-On the way to the desert village there is a scorpion pit. In there is a rune that repeatedly respawns. On the right side of the mine is a Fire Rune. Click the cliff and wait for the rune to appear. This requires some patience. Collect the Fire Rune. Get about 100 to 200 of them, then go to the Rune Shop in Varrock and sell them.

-To do this trick you must have 28 Thieving and know how to get to Relleka. Go to the helmet shop in Relleka and go upstairs to find a chest. It contains one Nature Rune and 3 gold pieces. However, you can open it more than once and receive more. When you try to open the chest, right click and check for traps. If you do not do this, you will be hurt severely if you try opening it. It will turn a lighter color when you open it, and you must wait a few seconds until it turns back to the darker shade of brown to indicate that you can get another Nature Rune. These can be used for multiple spells and can also be sold at the Grand Exchange for about 300 to 400 gold pieces each.

-First, get 1,400 gp. Go into the wilderness and locate the person that sells the capes. Buy 28 of them at 50 gp each (1,400 gp total). Go to the Grand Exchange and sell all of them there for 150 gp each (4,200 gp total). The person who sells the capes is in level 46 wilderness. Note: Watch out for the ghosts because they can hit frequently.

-To get free Mind and Wind Runes, begin a new game. Talk to the bank and magic tutor in the tutorial. When you get the Mind and Wind Runes, deposit them in your bank. Talk to the magic tutor again to get 30 more runes of each type. Continue doing this until you have as many as desired. You can also do this after the tutorial; however there is a wait time before you can get more runes.

Rating 2

Tree Spirit strategy on Lost City quest

There is one very easy way to kill the Tree Spirit on Entranta for the Lost City quest: magic. Get at least 29 magic and take runes and robes to cast Earth Bolt around forty times and a teleport spell. This helps getting out without ending up in level 29 wildly. Without using runes, go into the tunnels and kill zombies until you get an axe. Cut the tree and get attacked. Run around, and without it following you, hide behind the giant mushrooms to the left of the tree. Set your combat to spell and Earth Blast and kill it within 5 minutes. Cut the tree and teleport out.

Rating 2

Easy experience hints

-The following places are excellent places to train:

The Blurite Cave (south of Sarim): You can fight the Muggers if you are a new player. When your level increases, go further in and fight the Pirates.
Al-Kharid Palace: Fight the Guards here for some easy money.
Varrock Sewers: This is a great training place. Fight the Rats and Spiders if you are a novice, then move on to the Zombies. Further in the cave are level 22 and 25 Skeletons, level 24 Zombies (have better drops, usually 10 gp), level 28 Hobgoblins, and level 28 Hill Giants.

-As a member, go to the world map find Relleka and go there. Go all the way north and you will see a group of rocks. If you walk near one, it will turn into a level 13 Rock Crab which has 51 health.

-While on Tutorial Island, you cannot level anything up past level 3. However, it is best to level up everything that you can there since you get free equipment to do it with, and the rats are unlikely to kill you. You can get you magic up to level 3 by casting Wind Strike on the rats instead of the chickens. Also, do not leave the rat cage until both your attack and defense are up to level 3 because you will not be able to get back in. Because of this, take a lot of food in with you.

-At Al Kharid gates, pay a toll of 10 gp. Go directly to the Al Kharid Desert until you see a big castle full of guards. Most likely, people will be fighting them. This is when you can attack. If a guard is fighting someone else, you can attack and level up without being noticed by a guard. The rewards are 3 to 20 gp.

-Note: The following can be done by members with an axe "hatchet" and knife. Keep cutting logs and turn them into arrows shafts. Wait until you have about 2,000 of them, since they will sell for 15 to 20 gp each. You can get 15 arrow shafts per log, making 225 to 300 gp per log. 2,000 arrow shafts will sell for 30,000 to 40,000 gp.

-If you are not a member, complete the Rune Mysteries quest. Get an iron pickax (level 1 Mining), or the best that you can use. Mine Rune Essences in Varrock and keep banking them until you have about 10,000. You can sell them for 45 gp each. Each Rune Essence gives 5 experience points.

-Go to Barbarian Village. Note: Bring food if you are a lower than level 23. Go north of where the coal is located. You will see Unicorns if you are going the correct direction. Proceed north until you see a red "!" and go to it. Down the trapdoor are level 2 Spiders and level 21 Skeletons. If you go deep enough, you will find level 29 and 34 Hobgoblins and level 28 Hill Giants. You will also find some zombies.

-As a member, go into Frankenstrain's Castle and go outside. There will be some tombs. Open one up and go in. There are level 25 creatures that give you over 500 experience points. Their maximum hit is 1, and they have 100 to 104 HP. However, they have bad defense, attack, and strength. Note: You must have completed the game up to the part where you use the symbols with the crypt in the Creature Of Frankenstrain quest.

-Go to the Mage Training Arena north of the Dueling Arena. Once there, get enough points for the Bones To Peaches spell (this also requires level 60 magic). After a few days of work, you should finally have this spell. Once you use this spell, all of the Bones in your inventory will turn into Peaches. The Peaches will heal 8 once you eat them. Some of the locations you can train at are against the bandits in the Al Kharid desert, Dagganoths at the lighthouse, Dust Devils in the Smokey Well, and Fire Giants inside the Waterfall. Note: With this spell you will never need to bank as long as you have an Earth or Water rune (a Mud Staff would work), and some Nature runes, giving you faster experience when training.

-Use the following trick to get fast Willow Lumber and experience points. To begin, you will need 1,000 to 3,000 gp. Go to the Draynor Village bank and find someone who will work for money. Tell the person (preferably someone level 3 to 10) that you will pay them 100 gp to 200 gp to take a full load of logs to the bank and return to you for more logs. Don't tell them the how much the logs really are or else they might keep them. The best place to do this is just on the other side of the wall west of the three stalls. There are four trees there, unlike just behind the bank where there are usually lots of people. Do this trick if there are lots of people around in every realm.

-Reach level 25 Herblore then kill Chaos Druids to gain Herbs. Identify them. If you get Ranarr Weed, sell them for 5,000 t0 6,000 gp each. The ones you cannot identify will sell for 1,000 to 2,000 gp each.

-For easy prayer experience, travel north into the wild from Varrock. After traveling north for a short distance, you will come across a chaos temple. Go inside and it will have an altar where you can pray. Also, there are bones around it that respawn. Keeping picking them up and burying them for easy experience.

-In Rimmington, go upstairs in the house with two people. Talk to Anja and ask her for free items. She will give you either one or two coins. Repeat as desired.

-As a member go to Castle Wars on World 2 or 12 and battle. You should increase your level quickly. It is recommended that you have a Rune Scimitar, Adamite or Rune armor, Runes and a combat level of over 50.

-After reaching combat level 50, you can go to the best experience gaining area in the game called Pest Control. Note: You must have a membership account. Go to Port Sarim south of Falador and find someone named Squire. He will ask you if you would like to go to the Void Knights outpost. Tell him "Yes" and he will take you on his ship. Go north and you will find a bank. Take out your best armor and weapon and board the lander north of the bank. It will take you to an island. Kill the monsters there and you will receive 4 experience points for each hitpoint of damage you inflict. Also, if you win the mini-game you get a Pest Point which you can also use to exchange for more experience from any Void Knight. Note: You do not lose anything if you die. Do not bring food or anything else.

-You must have first done the Priest In Peril quest and start the Creature Of Fenkenstrain quest to get a key before doing this trick. Go to Canifis and walk past Fenkenstrain's house until you get to a graveyard with about four tombs. There will be two tall tombs. Walk over to the last tall tombstone and open it using the key. You can fight his experiments. They are only level 25 but have 100 HP. Note: Do not attack the level 51 experiment because it is relatively tougher than the regular experiments.

-Use the following trick to get infinite Mage experience. You must use a mage strike like Earth Blast, Earth Bolt, Earth Strike or Fire Water or Wind of all the above. Go to the elemental wizards near Fally (Air Wizard, Fire Wizard, Earth Wizard, Water Wizard). Use the same mage attack as the wizard. For example, if attacking the Earth Wizard use Earth Bolt. If you use the same attack as the wizard you will do no damage and never kill it, but still gain experience points. Do not allow the game to idle like this because you can still get hurt and may die.

-For easy Woodcutting experience and money, chop trees in the space between the Grand Exchange and the West Bank of Varrock. Store the logs until your Woodcutting is 25. Sell all the logs you get at the Grand Exchange for about 19 gp each. Buy a Mithril Axe and start chopping Oaks anywhere you can find them. Store the logs until you have 41 Woodcutting. Sell all the Oak Logs you get at the Grand Exchange for the minimum price. Sell all your axes and buy a Rune Axe for 8,000 to 10,000 gp. Go to Draynor and chop Willows below the bank. Store the logs until your Woodcutting is 65 to 70 (recommended). Sell all your Willow Logs at the Grand Exchange at minimum price. Next, chop Yew trees in Edgeville below the bank. There should be two of them closer to barbarian village. Chop as many as desired. Sell the logs at Grand Exchange for at least 300 gp per log.

-For two easy levels, go to Lumbridge and go in the trapdoor of the first house next to the bridge. Talk to the man sitting in the chair. Say the phrase "I could kill the dragon for you". He will say, "Thank you, but no" will give you two antique lamps.

Rating 2

Failed teleport

Use the home teleport spell, then immediately use the Goblin Dance emote. The circle will draw itself, thus not teleporting you

Rating 2

Raising stats

-To raise your Cooking, after getting to level 32, go into the Cooking guild and get a jug. Get grapes from upstairs and go down to the first floor. Fill the jug with water. Use the grapes on the jug of water. You now have unfermented wine. Repeat this until getting to the desired cooking level.

-Mine only tin. Once your inventory is filled, drop it all or sell it in the Dwarven mines. Once your mining level reaches 20, you can mine iron. Find the iron rocks just outside the area with the scorpions in the Dwarven mines. You can mine the rocks without much bother from the other players in the game. Mine nothing but these until you reach level 60 mining. Alternately, after reaching level 30 you can mine coal, but it is difficult, as everyone wants to mine it. At level 60, you can enter the mining guild. The guild is located at the far end of the mines, by the scorpions. Inside the guild you can mine coal very easily and smelt it quickly at the Falador Smith, just outside the mines. This will allow you smelt much faster. By this time you should be getting about 350 smithing experience for every load of coal and the other materials, and 30 mining experience for every coal rock mined.

-An easy method of getting good mining skills is to go to the mining field by the place where the Champions Guild is located. Mine some ore, then go back to where you start after the tutorial. There is a furnace there. Melt it and return to the city to the smithy. Very soon, you will be able to mine more things then enter the dwarves mines and join the miners guild.

-Wait until you can mine and smith iron, then go to Al Karahd's Mines. Mine Iron Ore until you are full, then go south through Al Karahd until you see the smithing place. Smith there. After that, head to the bank just below the smithing area and put your bars there. Do this repeatedly.

-Go to either the West or East Varrok Mines. Note: Go to Al-Kahairid if you are over level 31 combat. Fill up your inventory, then go south to the Al-Kahairid Bank and drop off the ores. Keep doing this until you have enough ores, then smith them at Varrok.

-For very easy smithing experience, do the Knight's Sword quest. Have a higher level friend guard you through the level 57 ice giants. Make sure you go to the ore rock to the east. If you do not go to the ore rock to the east, the ice giants will be able to get you. Mine the Blurite Ore and complete the quest. You will get 13,000 smithing experience points. This should get you to level 26 if your prior smithing level was 1.

-To raise your Prayer, do the following. This can only be done as a member after you have completed Ghosts Ahoy. Take the following items and go into Taverley Dungeon: Good Weapon, Armor, Telly Runes (optional), Anti-Fire Shield (optional), Food Lobsters or better. Make sure you have a good combat level. Follow the main path until you find a large group of black knights. Find the jail keeper (level 46) and kill him. Take the key and enter the southern jail. Talk to the person, choosing the top option both times. Take the new key and go back to some bridges near the lava river. Go across and run to the door, staying away from the chaos dwarfs and lesser demons. Next kill as many baby dragons as you can and take all the bones, eating when necessary to get more room. Teleport out and repeat. Once you have enough, teleport to the Port. Withdraw twelve buckets and twelve bones. Make Bonemeal in the temple. Take the Bonemeal and twelve buckets into the basement. Fill the buckets and go back. Worship the Ectofuntus and build experience.

-To raise your Prayer, go to Lumberbridge where the cows are located by the boats. Go in the cow place. Everyone there is getting cow hides and meat, but they do not take the bones. Pick out the bones and bury them to get easy prayer experience.

-To raise your Attack, Strength, Defense, Range, and Mage, do the following. For all of these stats you basically need to keep buying the best weapons, armor, runes, arrows, bows, etc. possible. Train at Rock Crabs until level 70 in those stats. After that, you must go to Pest Control. Go to Port Sarim and follow the dock until you find a Squire. Talk to him and tell him that you want to go to the Void Knight Outpost. Once there, go south and get on the barge. Join with the people to complete Pest Control. Always save up 100 points before spending them because you will get a 10% experience bonus. To raise Woodcutting, Fletching, Firemaking, basically do the same thing. Buy the best axe, cut logs, fletch, or burn.

-To raise Prayer, if you happen to have a lot of money you can buy Dragon Bones for about 1,600 gp each in World 2 Falador near the bank. If you do not have a lot of money or do not want to spend it, kill Hill Giants.

-To get the best possible Prayer bonus, wear Monk top and bottom, Blessed Holy Symbol, any shield (does not give any bonus) and the best mace you can wield.

Rating 2

Switch worlds instantly

Load any world in your browser. Look at the address bar on the top of the screen. For example, for World 73 it should read "http://world73.runescape.com/p0,g1". Change the number after the "world" part of the URL to whatever world desired, then go to the new URL.

Rating 2

Walk on ocean floor

During the Pirate mini-quest of Recipe For Disaster, go into the mud skipper cave. Log out and then log back in. You can walk on the ocean floor rather than float.

Rating 1

Easy money hints

-As a member, get to 5 Herblore. Create as many Antipoison potions as possible. Then, sell them to the general store. You will get 114 gp for each potion.

-Complete the quest that allows you to mine Essences. Mine as many as desired and sell them for 45 gp each.

-Raise your Fishing up to 40 then fish Lobsters. Get high combat (over level 50 recommended) and good armor (Adamite+ recommended), then go in the volcano on Karamja Island and kill Lessers. They drop lots of money, and occasionally Rune Med Helement. Sell the Rune Meds for 10,000 gp each.

-Reach a Combat level over 50, Magic 55, then get 60 gp, food (swordfish or lobsters), good armor and weapon (Adamite or Rune - recommended). Go to Karajama's Lesser Demons Pits and kill them until you get a few Rune Mediums if possible. Then, get five Fire Runes and one Nature Rune for every Rune Medium you get. Use High Alchemy on them. You will get 11,000 gp for every one you use it on. Alternately, you can get 55 Magic and 10,000 and purchase one Rune Medium. Use High Alchemy on it and get 11,000 and buy another until you run out of Runes to make a 1,000 gp profit for each one.

-As a member, go to the Gnome stronghold and pick Flax. Make them into bowstring, then sell them for 100 gp each.

-Increase your Mining level up to 40. Go to the mine near Rimmington. Mine Gold Ore until your pack gets full. Then, go to the general store in Rimmington. Sell the Gold Ores there. 7 Gold Ores are worth more than 300 gp. Note: Watch out of the Rock Golem; it appears sometimes when you are mining.

-Get a brass key and go to Barbarian Village. Go east from there and, when you reach the bridge, turn left. You will see a shack. Use your brass key on the door and climb down the ladder. Kill the giants there, collect the items that they drop, (3 to 300 gp, Big Bones, Iron Full Helm, Iron Kite, etc.), and continue fighting until you run out of space. Then, sell the Big Bones for 200 gp each and sell the iron items at the shop.

-Complete the Rune Mysteries Quest, then mine Rune Essence by teleporting from the rune shop near the bank in East Varrock. Sell your essence for 10 to 35 gp. This results in easy money and only requires level 1 mining.

-As a member with 55 Magic, buy as many Magic Logs and Nature Runes as possible. You must have an equal amount of them. Choose the same amount of Flax and make them into Bowstrings. Have someone make them into Magic Longbows for you. You can then Hi Alchemy them. By doing this, you will get 136 gp profit each time and magic experience (if you buy your Nature Runes for 400 gp each and Magic Logs for 1,000 gp each).

-Go down in the basement of Varrock Bank and use the Telekinetic Grab spell on some coins beyond the gate. You will get enough coins to buy the required runes for the spell and make a profit.

-As a member, there is a fast easy way to make lots of money: bowstrings. First, get a fairly high crafting level, around level 20 or higher. Then, go over White Wolf Mountain and go south of Seer's Village. Pick a full load of flax and go into a small building with a ladder. Go up the ladder and spin the flax into bowstrings. Go to the bank and sell them for no less than 100 gp each. It is possible to get about 100,000 gold in an hour.

-At the cooking range in Rimmington, go up the stairs. There is a man and a woman there. On the floor by the table is a bronze scimitar. Pick it up and it will regenerate. Pick up as many as you can hold and sell them in the general store for 20 gp each. Do not sell too many at once, as the price will drop.

-One method for members to get money is to get your thieving up. Once you can steal from the chest in Androgue, go there. You can get about 15 gp each time. Once you get high enough, you can then steal Nature Runes which you can sell for 300 to 350 gp each. Keep working on it and eventually you will be able to steal sharks and sell them for 1,200 gp each.

-Stand in front of the wild and steal any kind of food, except for bananas and cabbage. Sell meats, cakes, pizza, and bread. You can get anything.

-Try the following if your character is at level 30 or higher. Kill Hill Giants. They will give you money and Big Bones which can be sold for 100 to 300 go. They also drop Nats and Law Runes. Law Runes are worth 1,000 gp each. Nats are worth 500 gp each. They also drop Iron Helms and Kite Shields.

-In level 28 wilderness, there is a place with a group of Red Deadly Spiders. There will be a room that has some Gold Ore in it. If you stay in that room when there are no spiders in there, the Gold Ore will respawn about every two minutes. The spiders will not come in that room because you are not moving. You can stay there until your bag is full, then run to the bank, deposit the ore, and repeat.

-First, mine Copper and Tin at the mine southeast of Varrock. Smelt it at Smelter South then go back to Varrock and make them into weapons. Sell them at the general store then put your money in the bank. Repeat this until can mine Iron and smelt it. After you get 3,500 gp, go to Drowvan Mines. PUrchasea a Mithril Pick and mine. Then when you can upgrade your pick at level 30 mining, mine Coal until you get 32,000 gp. Purchase a Rune Pick. Mine Coal and Iron and smelt them to Steel. You can do this until you can mine Mithril. By that time you can smelt it.

-You need to have 10,000 to 20,000 gp to start this trick. Purchase as much coal as you can afford for 100 gp each. Then, sell it for 150 to 200 gp. Purchase low, sell high. If you were to buy 200 coal for 20,000 gp and sell for 150 gp each, you would make a 10,000 gp profit. Continue doing this to get rich.

-Coal prices are 200 gp each. The easiest way to make money is to purchase coal from 150 to 170 gp each and sell it 200 gp each. Never sell coal that is not in even 100s. You need a reasonable starting sum to really gain money quickly.

-A good way to make money is to make Air Runes. Buyers are difficult to find but it makes a lot of money. After your Runecrafting is high enough to make triple Air Runes, buy Rune Essence for 40 gp each and make Air Runes with them. After using 1,000 Essence for example, you will have 3,000 Air Runes. 1,000 Essence will cost only 40,000 gp, while selling 3,000 Air Runes will net you 60,000 gp (a 20,000 gp profit). Doing this will allow you to buy 1,500 Essence and make 4,500 Air Runes, , which sell for 90,000 gp, and so on.

-Note: You must be a member. Over level 40 mining and pickaxe and rune recommended. Go to the volcano on Karamja that has lesser demons in it. Locate the gold ore near where you just entered. Mine it until getting a full pack. Enter the cave next to you, and locate the ore/gem seller. Sell all you ore to him, then go back to the ore, sell, and repeat until you have about 65,000 of the "Tokkuls". Locate the armor/weapons seller and buy the shield. You will now have a shield worth 600,000 gp, plus easy mining experience.

-Purchase some tiaras from Fallador and sell them to Varrock. You will gain 10 gp for each Tiara sold. Tiaras cost 30 gp in Fallador and sell for 40 gp in Varrock/ If you have already completed the Rune Mysteries quest, keep one tiara to enchant in the altar to gain double the runes for each time you craft the specific tiara.

-Sell Grey Wolf Furs to the fur trader in Varrok to make easy money. To do this, you have to be a member and have at least level 35 Thieving. Go to Ardougne to the fur stall. Trap the trader and any nearby guards in the building behind the fur stall. Start stealing as many furs as you can. Then either teleport to Varrok or take the long way and walk. Take a full load of them and sell them to the fur trader in the center of Varrok by the fountain. He takes them for 120 gp each. A full load gives you exactly 3360 gp per load of 28.

-Purchase a Brass Key and have level 20 to 30 Defense, 23 to 30 Attack, and 30 to 50 Strength. Get any mithril or adamantine weapon (mace and normal axe not recommended). Get full mithril or full adamantine or a combo of the two. Then, go between Varrock and Barbarian Village up to a little house. Use the Brass Key on the door. Then, go down the ladder and you will see Hill Giants. Kill them until you have 25 to 27 Big Bones. Put them in the bank. When you have 100 or more, sell them in a populated world for 200 to 400 gp each.

-Headto Al Kharid and speak to the silk salesman. When he asks if you want silk, ask how much is it. He will say 3 gp. If you say that it is too high then he will drop the price to 2 gp. Purchase as much as you can afford. Put it in the bank and go back to buy more. When you have spent all your money buying it for 2 gp, go to the bank and withdraw it all as a note. Switch worlds and go to the clothes shop in Varrock (to avoid having to spend 10 gp toll either teleport to Lumbridge, walk to the top of Al Kharid and go out that way; or if you have level 25 magic, teleport directly to Varrock). Sell them all to Thesselia in the clothes shop for a hefty profit. Repeat the process and buy even more silk from the salesman. Remember to buy for 2 gp so that you will get double what you had before.

-In Al Karid, purchase as many silk as you can. Then, go to Ardrogne and sell the silk to the silk person for a profit of about 58 gp profit each time.

-In Karajama, fight Lesser Demons. You can earn about 5,000 gp in an hour between the items and coins.

-For easy money with a low level character, go to the Varrock mining pit. and mine some iron. After you mine the ore go to the Grand Exchange. Put the ore in the exchange. Iron Ore sells there for about 75 to 88 gp each. Note: You can get more if you save the Iron Ore inside your bank.

-Increase your fishing level to 10 or higher. Go to Port Sarim and buy a fishing rod and as much bait as possible. Go to the fishing spots near the Lumbridge mine. Fish as much of the levels 5 and 10 fish. Afterwards, sell them back at Port Sarim. For a full inventory you get roughly 500 to 1,000 gp. Note: If you get your fishing to level 30 or higher you can buy and sell Salmon, Tuna and Trout.

Rating 1

Steel Plate

There is a Steel Plate in the lava maze (level 40 wilderness), in the fenced in area with the lesser demons in it.

Rating 1

Elvarg strategy on Dragon Slayer quest

When battling the dragon, have the following: level 50 to 60 combat, about 40 HP, attack, defense, and strength, Addy-Runite Armor, Addy-Runite Weapon 1 handed, Dragon Fire Shield (required), high level food (Lobbies, Swordies, and perhaps Sharks). If a member, also have potions (maybe even a Super Set). When you enter her cage, enter defensive attack style; get the strength exp. Eat often and use prayers when needed. After you kill her, you will be out of the cage and finish the quest.

Rating 1

Lost City quest

Have level 36 Wood Cutting, level 31 Crafting, and level 30 Magic or level 50 Ranging. You also need an axe for tree chopping and knife for carving. Talk to the adventurer near Lumbridge Swamp. ask about Zarnaris until the quest begins. The adventurer will tell you about a leprechaun hiding in a tree. Go just north of the clearing and you will find a tree that reads "Chop". Instead of chopping it down, click on it. The leprechaun will appear. He will tell you about the Dramen Tree on Entrana. At this point you must decide on Range or Magic. If you are using Magic, get enough Runes for about 40 Earth Bolts, or enough materials to fletch about 100 arrows and a bow. Go to Entrana from Port Sarim. You cannot bring armor or weapons. This is why you need the runes and arrow material. Go down into the cave on the north part of the island. Here you will find level 24 zombies. Kill them with your bare hands until you have a Bronze Hatchet. Then, go through the Greater Demons and chop the Dramen Tree. You will be attacked by a level 101 Tree Spirit. Stand behind the mushrooms and shoot it until it is dead. Get a Dramen Branch and teleport out of there. Then, go to the swamp. Go in to the shack with the Dramen Staff (carved from the Dramen Branch). You can now use the Dragon weapons.

Rating 1

Frozen character

Click on the "Home Teleport" button on the magic panel, then immediately go to the emote section and click on any emote. If done correctly, your character will be frozen for a few seconds. Note: You cannot do this if you just home teleported.

Rating 1

Free items

When you do the tutorial at the start, keep talking to the people that give you things. For example, with the baker that gives you water and flour, bake the bread then talk to him again. He should give you more supplies.

Rating 1

PvP specialty items

PvP specialty items are the best items in the game. They require a skill level of 78 in the associated skills and degrade over time. Note: These items are rare drops and even rarer to buy. Also, there is a corrupt version of every piece of armor. The corrupted versions are equally as powerful but only require level 41 to use, however they degrade twice as fast, are harder to buy, and are three times rarer to drop than the normal versions.

Melee sets
Statius' Warhammer (Screenshot)
Statius' Platebody
Statius' Platelegs
Statius' Helm
Vesta's Long Sword (Screenshot)
Vesta's Spear (Screenshot)
Vesta's Chain Body
Vesta's Plate Skirt

Range sets
Morrigan's Coif
Morrigan's Leather Body
Morrigan's Leather Chaps
Morrigan's Throwing Axe (Screenshot)
Morrigan's Javelin (Screenshot)

Mage sets
Zuriel's Hood
Zuriel's Robe Top
Zuriel's Robe Bottom (Screenshot)
Zuriel's Staff

Rating 1

Killing the Spirit for Lost City

Reach level 30 to 35 Fletching, a Ring Of Dueling, 30+ Range, 60+ Combat, and 25 Swordfish. Cut or buy a Willow, a bowstring, and about 200 Iron or Steel Arrows. Make the Willow an unstrung bow and take the arrows, bowstring, and the unstrung bow. String the bow on Enteria. Fight the zombie with your fist or feet until you get a Bronze Axe. Run past the Greater Demons until you get to the tree. Attempt to cut it and a level 101 or 103 Tree Spirit will appear. Run behind the fungus so you can use a range attack. This should only take about two minutes; move your character often. Run into the hole if you do not have a Ring Of Dueling, and use the Swordfish for health. If you have the ring, teleport to the duel arena, cut the branch, then go inside the shed east of the starting place.

Rating 1

Instant mining

While mining, click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON at the exact moment as the "clink" to instantly mine the ore.

Rating 1


Stand in front of the main kitchen doors in Lumbridge Castle for a couple minutes. A Genie will appear and ask what stat you want raised. Note: You can only raise one stat once.

Rating 1

Changing random music

To change the random music of the place you are in, change your system time and increase it by a minute or an hour. Once you change it, select "APPLY". The music will immediately stop and will change to another random piece of music. Note: Sometimes if you do this frequently, the game will stop and state than an error has occurred.

Rating 1


In Dranyor Village, go outside of the bank on the side where the willows are located (south side), facing identical to the banker. Click as south as possible. When he gets inline with the rock, click on the banker. If timed correctly, he will be doing the moonwalk for a few seconds.

Rating 0

Getting good items

When at level 55 or higher, get plenty of food like Swordfish and Lobsters and go to the barb village. Go to the door of the pub. Then, go around the pub on the left side. Walk until you see a trapdoor that reads "Jail Entrance" and go in it. You should see a "!" on the mini. Go to it and pull back the poster. There should be Mugglers there. Walk past them until you reach a staircase. Climb down, then go right past Crockroach Drones (level 8) and Workers (level 56). Do not be scared; they will not attack. Continue until you reach a jail door. Go through it then walk north until you see level 83 Crockroach Soldiers. Attack them. They will drop things such as Mithril and Addamanite Ore, Runes, Coins, Rune Scimmys, Rune Square Shields, uncut jewels, and more. Note: This should be done by melee only because it can use ranged attacks that can do up to 15. Its melee only can do up to 10s; be careful.

Rating 0

Dragon weapons

The Dragon weapons are easily the best in the game. You need level 60 Attack to wield them and must complete certain quests to use them. The following is a list of the quests, and which weapons they allow you to use:

Lost City: Dragon Dagger and Longsword
Heroes Quest: Dragon Battle Axe and Mace
Regicide: Dragon Halberd
Monkey Madness: Dragon Scimitar
None: Dragon Spear

Note: The Dragon Spear is not quite as strong as the halberd, but is the rarest weapon in the game and therefore costs 1,000,000 gp. However you do not need to complete any quests to use it. The easiest way to use Dragon weapons is to complete the Lost City quest.

Rating 0

Tutorial Island

-You cannot die while training in combat on Tutorial Island. However, you cannot raise your stats past level 3.

-You can speak on Tutorial Island, but you cannot see the words.

Rating 0

Access Miscellanea

Access Miscellanea from the port in Relekka.

Rating 0

Puzzle on Eyes Of Glouphrie quest

Reach the part where you must do the puzzle for the anti-illusion machine. When you have your first Crystals drop them and talk to Brimstail. Keep doing this until you have the correct crystals to get the numbers right.

Rating 0

Unlimited Prayer

Click a Prayer icon and then select any quest. You will have unlimited Prayer.

Rating 0

Name colors

When you log in, enter one of the following followed by your name (for example, @greName). Note: There are other colors.


Rating 0

Vocabulary guide

1337 Elite, or leet
2k (for example) 2,000 coins. K represents 1,000.
2h Two-handed sword
a2h Adamantite two-handed sword
abby demon Abyssal demon
abby whip Abyssal whip
addy or adam Adamantite
afc Away from computer
afk, aftk Away from (the) keyboard
alch Alchemy
alk Al Kharid
ammy Amulet
ard or ardy Ardougne
asap As soon as possible
atm At the moment
atk or att Attack level
axe Hatchet (woodcutting axe). Not to be confused with battleaxe or pickaxe.
b4 Before
b4n Bye for now
ba, battle, baxe or b-axe Battleaxe
barb vill Barbarian village
bask Basilisk
bbl Be back later
bbs Be back soon
bc Because
boon An experienced player who acts like a Noob
bnk Bank
bill Billion
brb Be right back
brt Be right there
btw By the way
bv Barbarian village
bx Battleaxe
c See
cammy Camelot
chain Chainmail) body armor
choob See Boon
cya See you
d2h Dragon two-handed sword
def Defense level
dm Deathmatch
drag Dragon
d-long or d long Dragon Long sword
edge or edgy Edgeville
emmy Emerald
ess Rune Essence
f2p Free to Play (non-Member)
fmod Forum Moderator
fally Falador
ffs For f**k's sake
fyi For your information
g2g Got to Go
gj Good job
gl Good luck
gn Good night
gobby or gobs Goblins
gp Gold Pieces (coins)
gr8 Great
grats or gratz Congratulations
gtg Got to go
guth Guthix
hally Halberd
helm Helmet
hits Number of hit points
hobs or hobbys Hobgoblins
hp Hit Points
idc I don't care
idk I don't know
imho or imo In my (humble) opinion
jagex The company that makes Runescape
jmod Jagex Moderator
jk or j/k Just kidding
jj Just joking
k Thousand (as in GP)
kbd King Black Dragon
kite Kite Shield
kq Kalphite queen
l8r or ltr Later
large Large Helmet
legs Plateleg Armor
lessers or lesser Lesser demons
lmao Laughing my a** off
lo Hello
lob or lobby Lobster
lol Laugh out loud
long Longsword
ltns Long time no see
lumby or lumb Lumbridge
lvl Level
mage Someone with higher magic than hits
med Medium Helmet
mill, m Million (as in GP)
mith Mithril
mossies or mossy Moss Giant(s)
mp My pleasure
newb Someone who is new to the game but is not acting annoying or obnoxiously
nfs Not for sale
nm Not much or never mind
noob or n00b Someone who is new and acting annoying or obnoxiously
np No problem
nrn Not right now
nuke High Level Alchemy
nvm Never mind
ofc Of course
oic Oh i see
omg Oh my God
Owned Won easily
p2p Pay to Play (member)
pc Pest Control
p ess Pure Essence
pmod Player Moderator
pick Pickaxe
pk Player killing (in the Wilderness)
pker Player killer (one who PKs)
Pl0x Please
Pl8 Platebody armor (Bronze, Iron, Steel, Black, Mithril, Adamantite or Rune)
plate Platemail body
pm Private message
poh Player owned house
pot Potion
potter Someone who uses Potions in a DM or stake
pwned Other word for Owned
pwnage Other word for Ownage
ppl People
prayer beast Someone with higher prayer than hits
pure Someone whose hits are higher than combat; a player who specializes in one area such as Ranging or Magic
qp Quest Points
r Are
r2h Rune 2-Handed sword
ranger Someone with higher Ranging than hits
rc Runecrafting
rl Real Life
rofl or rotfl Rolling on (the) floor laughing
rs Runescape
rune Runite
sara Saradomin
scimmi, skimmy, or scim Scimitar
short Short sword
skirt Skirt Leg Armor
sq or square Square Shield
stake Battle a duel in which you wager (stake) items
str Strength Level
str pot Strength potion
swordy Swordfish
swp Sorry wrong person
syal or syl See you (all) later
tally Talisman (for Runecrafting)
tbh To be honest
tele Teleport
ttfn Ta ta for now
ttyl Talk to you later
ty or tyvm Thank you (very much)
U You
var Varrock
wb Welcome Back
wc Woodcutting
wca Woodcutting axe
wcs Who Cares
w/e Whatever
wdf What da f**k
wildy or wild Wilderness
willows or willow Logs or trees
whip Abyssal whip
wp Wrong person
wtf What the f**k
wth What the hell
wtg or w2g Way to go
wuu2? What you up to?
X bow Crossbow
y Why
yews or yew Logs or trees
yt yBou there?
yvmw or yw You're (very much) welcome
zammy Zamorak

Rating 0

Change text color and effects

To talk in a different colored text, type one of the following colors or effects (including the colon) followed by your text:


To do a combination, such as glow1: with wave:, type glow1:wave: followed by your text.

Rating 0

Play multiple accounts

To play several accounts at one time on the same computer, download the client from Runescape's main site. Open two windows and get to the login screen on both. Then, shrink one window. To match the "Login" button with the background screen, enter your name and password on both screens. When you login, click the "Login" button on the top window, and quickly press the "Login" button on the background screen. The game only allows 30 to 60 seconds before you are logged due to inactivity. Make sure you use both windows frequently. It is best to use ALT + TAB to switch back and forth between the windows.

Rating 0

Easy Big Bones

Go to the wilderness through the route in Varrock. Next, travel until you find Black Unicorns. Keep traveling north until you find two level 25 Skeletons walking around. There are several Bones here, as well as Big Bones. They also respawn. Note: It is a good idea if you do not bring anything in order to get more Big Bones.