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RuneScape 2 Cheats "PvP specialty items" (PC)


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PvP specialty items

PvP specialty items are the best items in the game. They require a skill level of 78 in the associated skills and degrade over time. Note: These items are rare drops and even rarer to buy. Also, there is a corrupt version of every piece of armor. The corrupted versions are equally as powerful but only require level 41 to use, however they degrade twice as fast, are harder to buy, and are three times rarer to drop than the normal versions.

Melee sets
Statius' Warhammer (Screenshot)
Statius' Platebody
Statius' Platelegs
Statius' Helm
Vesta's Long Sword (Screenshot)
Vesta's Spear (Screenshot)
Vesta's Chain Body
Vesta's Plate Skirt

Range sets
Morrigan's Coif
Morrigan's Leather Body
Morrigan's Leather Chaps
Morrigan's Throwing Axe (Screenshot)
Morrigan's Javelin (Screenshot)

Mage sets
Zuriel's Hood
Zuriel's Robe Top
Zuriel's Robe Bottom (Screenshot)
Zuriel's Staff

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