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RuneScape 2 Cheats "Raising stats" (PC)


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Raising stats

-To raise your Cooking, after getting to level 32, go into the Cooking guild and get a jug. Get grapes from upstairs and go down to the first floor. Fill the jug with water. Use the grapes on the jug of water. You now have unfermented wine. Repeat this until getting to the desired cooking level.

-Mine only tin. Once your inventory is filled, drop it all or sell it in the Dwarven mines. Once your mining level reaches 20, you can mine iron. Find the iron rocks just outside the area with the scorpions in the Dwarven mines. You can mine the rocks without much bother from the other players in the game. Mine nothing but these until you reach level 60 mining. Alternately, after reaching level 30 you can mine coal, but it is difficult, as everyone wants to mine it. At level 60, you can enter the mining guild. The guild is located at the far end of the mines, by the scorpions. Inside the guild you can mine coal very easily and smelt it quickly at the Falador Smith, just outside the mines. This will allow you smelt much faster. By this time you should be getting about 350 smithing experience for every load of coal and the other materials, and 30 mining experience for every coal rock mined.

-An easy method of getting good mining skills is to go to the mining field by the place where the Champions Guild is located. Mine some ore, then go back to where you start after the tutorial. There is a furnace there. Melt it and return to the city to the smithy. Very soon, you will be able to mine more things then enter the dwarves mines and join the miners guild.

-Wait until you can mine and smith iron, then go to Al Karahd's Mines. Mine Iron Ore until you are full, then go south through Al Karahd until you see the smithing place. Smith there. After that, head to the bank just below the smithing area and put your bars there. Do this repeatedly.

-Go to either the West or East Varrok Mines. Note: Go to Al-Kahairid if you are over level 31 combat. Fill up your inventory, then go south to the Al-Kahairid Bank and drop off the ores. Keep doing this until you have enough ores, then smith them at Varrok.

-For very easy smithing experience, do the Knight's Sword quest. Have a higher level friend guard you through the level 57 ice giants. Make sure you go to the ore rock to the east. If you do not go to the ore rock to the east, the ice giants will be able to get you. Mine the Blurite Ore and complete the quest. You will get 13,000 smithing experience points. This should get you to level 26 if your prior smithing level was 1.

-To raise your Prayer, do the following. This can only be done as a member after you have completed Ghosts Ahoy. Take the following items and go into Taverley Dungeon: Good Weapon, Armor, Telly Runes (optional), Anti-Fire Shield (optional), Food Lobsters or better. Make sure you have a good combat level. Follow the main path until you find a large group of black knights. Find the jail keeper (level 46) and kill him. Take the key and enter the southern jail. Talk to the person, choosing the top option both times. Take the new key and go back to some bridges near the lava river. Go across and run to the door, staying away from the chaos dwarfs and lesser demons. Next kill as many baby dragons as you can and take all the bones, eating when necessary to get more room. Teleport out and repeat. Once you have enough, teleport to the Port. Withdraw twelve buckets and twelve bones. Make Bonemeal in the temple. Take the Bonemeal and twelve buckets into the basement. Fill the buckets and go back. Worship the Ectofuntus and build experience.

-To raise your Prayer, go to Lumberbridge where the cows are located by the boats. Go in the cow place. Everyone there is getting cow hides and meat, but they do not take the bones. Pick out the bones and bury them to get easy prayer experience.

-To raise your Attack, Strength, Defense, Range, and Mage, do the following. For all of these stats you basically need to keep buying the best weapons, armor, runes, arrows, bows, etc. possible. Train at Rock Crabs until level 70 in those stats. After that, you must go to Pest Control. Go to Port Sarim and follow the dock until you find a Squire. Talk to him and tell him that you want to go to the Void Knight Outpost. Once there, go south and get on the barge. Join with the people to complete Pest Control. Always save up 100 points before spending them because you will get a 10% experience bonus. To raise Woodcutting, Fletching, Firemaking, basically do the same thing. Buy the best axe, cut logs, fletch, or burn.

-To raise Prayer, if you happen to have a lot of money you can buy Dragon Bones for about 1,600 gp each in World 2 Falador near the bank. If you do not have a lot of money or do not want to spend it, kill Hill Giants.

-To get the best possible Prayer bonus, wear Monk top and bottom, Blessed Holy Symbol, any shield (does not give any bonus) and the best mace you can wield.

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