Samurai Shodown 2 PC Cheats

Rating 3

Winning hints

-Use defensive maneuvers to win by waiting for your opponents to approach and reveal their weaknesses, striking when they are most vulnerable.

-Slashes, kicks, and impaling maneuvers are your best friends. It is more effective, especially in later fights, to chip down your opponent's health with multiple blows instead of going for a fast kill.

-Jumping attacks make great combo openers, allowing you to inflict heavy damage. However, keep in mind that your character will be exposed for a matter of moments as he soars through the air.

Rating 2

Unlock Kuroko

Select two player mode, then, at the character selection  screen, press UP, DOWN, LEFT, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, SELECT.

Rating 0

Alternate colors

To view alternate colors, press MEDIUM KICK or HARD KICK while selecting a character.