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Scarface: The World Is Yours Cheats "Avoiding sharks" (PC)

Game also available for:   Wii


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Avoiding sharks

-If you are stranded out at sea, call a boat quickly to keep the shark from coming after you.

-If you are on a mission, you might not be unable to call a boat. If this happens, get to an island immediately. If you are unable to call a boat, keep moving and do not stop. Swim to the nearest island no matter what. If you survive the swim, do the same to reach the next island. Repeat until you‘re safe. However, there is a 75% chance you will die. Do not swim for the mainland unless you are positive you can make it.

-In order to avoid a shark attack, stay near large objects or boats in the water while swimming. As long as you are near a large object, the shark won’t attack and you will even be able to sprint swim to other large objects. Also, if you have no music playing at the time, the music will change to a "Jaws"-like tune, indicating that the shark is after you.

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