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Scarface: The World Is Yours Cheats "Defeating Nacho's snipers on "Nacho Contreras"" (PC)

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Defeating Nacho's snipers on "Nacho Contreras"

During the mission “Nacho Contreras“, there will be a point where two snipers will guard one area. These snipers are very deadly and will usually kill you. There are four ways to kill them. The first is to conceal yourself and shoot the fuel barrels to generate a cloud of smoke that you can use as cover. Move quickly when doing this because the smoke does not last forever. After you shoot a barrel, move up and dive for cover. The other method is to advance with patience. Stay covered and advance slowly and make sure to duck behind boxes with nothing stacked on top of them. Once you get three-quarters of the way there, storm in and finish them. Shoot as you advance to make the snipers hesitate slightly. If all else fails, you can go back and build up rage mode since you’re invincible during this.

2 years ago

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