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Scarface: The World Is Yours Cheats "Lowering gang heat hints" (PC)

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Lowering gang heat hints

- Head to the island and shoot as many gangsters as you can find. Stay as long as you want and collect as much coke as possible. If you stay long enough, you will have maximum gang heat when you return. After collecting about 2,000 to 3,000 grams, return to Miami on a plane. Once you return, immediately call your car. If a front is not attacked when you arrive, the gangs will come after you. Defend your front or survive their attack. Once they‘re dead, begin to sell as much coke as possible. Each 100 gram can lower your heat gang heat by 300 per every successful transaction. By the time you are done, your heat will be at zero and you will a ton of extra money, which you should launder immediately. Do this before distributing kilos of coke because low gang heat during a distribution mission will result in very little attackers and almost no chance of a front being attacked.

-Use the following trick to keep your heat low during a gang fight. Go into Blind Rage at the start when there are plenty of people nearby. You will generate no visibility during blind rage so use this to eliminate as many gangsters as possible before risking your visibility.

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