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Serious Sam: Double D PC Cheats

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Steam Achievements

Ceiling Slaughter - Kill 10 Gnaar on ceiling spikes in Amethystine Depths
Dino's Best Friend - Rescue 3 dinosaurs by destroying their helmets
Exterminator Sam - Kill a Giant Flea in Fireball Fury
Fully Stacked - Create your first 6 gun stack
Getting Serious - Beat the game on any difficulty
Gnaar-body's Fool - Kill over 50 Gnaar in a single level
Golden Boy - Unlock ALL golden guns
Gun Aficionado - Find ALL guns
Gun Collector - Find 16 guns
I Heard You Like Parallax - Find the Monument to Parallax
Laura Who? - Find all secrets
Lumberjack Sam - Kill a Red Biomechanoid with only chainsaws
Man with the Golden Guns - Unlock 2 golden guns
Perfectly Perfect - Find or reach 100% levels, challenges, secrets, guns, and connectors
Quad Power - Find all 4 of any gun type
Quick and Not-so-Dead - Beat any level in under 2 minutes in its entirety
Red Light Rendezvous - Find the Secret Red Light District
Sepulcher Looter - Find 30 Secrets
Seriously Nuts - Clear 8 Challenge levels
Seriously Tough - Clear 2 Challenge levels
Seriously Unstoppable - Clear ALL Challenge levels
Skeletons in the Closet - Find mental's secret closet
Speed Runner - Complete a level from the start at over 100% gameplay speed
Templeton’s Buddy - Help Templeton unlock his secret room in Amethystine Depths
Time to Eat the Doughnuts - Eat one Boston Creme or Cannoli
Timeline Correction - Replay any previous level (Choose Level menu)
Treasure Seeker - Find 10 Secrets
Unflinching Sam - Beat any level without dying
Untouchable Sam - Beat any level without getting hurt
White Men Can Jump - Find the Jump Pad

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