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Reveal spies

If you think someone is a spy, click on the person and click on the color box in the left hand corner of his status. Keep clicking on the color box until part of it disappears or another color appears under it. If another color appears under his current color box, kill him. 

2 years ago

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Cheat Codes

Type !!!@@@### during game play, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding keys. Note: Cheat codes may not be enabled in multiplayer mode.

Immortal king - U
Invoke all Greater Beings, advance technology - T
Toggle faster building of structures and units - Z
Additional 1000 money - C
Additional 1000 food - \
Go to your forts - F
Temporary full map - M
Additional 10 population in selected city [NOTE 1] - ;
Additional 20 spy level - '' Additional 20 combat level - [
Additional 20 skill level - ]
Increase prayer points in selected Seat of Power - =
Instant construction of select building - B

NOTE 1: The increase in population will consist of a random nationality.

2 years ago

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