Shadow Man PC Cheats

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Cheat Menu

Unlock the following cheats in the secrets menu by going to the corresponding locations and hitting a certain spot for it to activate. The teddy bear will flash on screen when unlocked:

Area 51 & Book of Shadows Deadside: Marrow Gates - At the beginning of the level, go to the left and climb up the blood waterfall. Open up the Shadow level 10 Coffin Gate.
Big Head Mode Cathedral of Pain - Drop down the shaft into the lava. Find the spinning blades and then find a pole with a hole, drop down the left side.
Giant Stetson Mode (Mexican Hat) Undercity - Kill the two snipers, jump to the ledge on the right, climb onto the next ledge, and jump into the U shaped pipe.
Pea Soup London Underground - Go to the middle stall in the women's bathroom.
Play as Duppie Wasteland: Temple of Life - Go down the 4th Loa Offering Hallway
Play as Nettie Temple Of Prophecy - Enter the "Flambeau maze". Find your way to the center of the room on the ground level very easy to find.
Play as deadwing Temple Of Blood - Enter the small room reached from the platform that is knocked down by the large hammer.
Trippy Mode Asylum: Gateway - Drop to the left of the bridge follow it until finding a room with a Govi and some boxes. Climb up to the rafters 

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Cheat Codes

Enter the "data\scripts\menus\english" subdirectory in the directory where the game was installed. Rename "release.msc" to "release.ms1". Then rename "debug.msc".to "release.msc". Load the game to access a cheat menu with invulnerability, infinite ammo, level select, all weapons, all items, and other options.

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Nettie bleeds

Go up to Nettie and, after she tells a story of your journey or fate, approach and shoot her. To see her bleed, press SNIPE then look down at the bottom part of her clothing. You will see a sprinkle of blood coming out of her.