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Shadowrun Cheats "Tribal Elf strategy on "Poco"" (PC)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Tribal Elf strategy on "Poco"

Buy Teleport first, then drop into the sewers and run until you are "Inside Yellow". You should be directly below the Sewage Pit. Allow your teammates a couple seconds to get in there and get a small distraction. Teleport straight up into the Artifact area. Teleport from directly beneath the Artifact. Grab the Artifact the moment you are above ground and run to "The Mouth. Run down the ramp. Once at the bottom of the ramp, run up the ramp from the Mouth. Turn left, take the first right, and you should be in Brick House. After that it should be a straight run to the drop zone. Beware of people using the "Ninja" strategy as they can easily catch up with you and make you bleed out. If they are chasing from the start they should catch you near the Brick House, but it you should be fine most of the time.

2 years ago

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