Shaun White Snowboarding PC Cheats

Rating 2

Easy money hints

-To easily gain money, go to the bottom of any mountain, and hit somebody with a snowball repeatedly.

-To easily gain money, hit people while snowboarding down the mountain. Wait for the skull picture to appear and let go.

Rating 0

Easy respect

When doing tricks downhill press SPACE and hold J + I until the trick completes. Repeat this while adjusting your position so you do not crash into anything. You will eventually get a x3 score and should have close to 100,000 respect by the end of the hill.

Rating 0

Score remains constant glitch

After collecting every objective coin, go to Shaun White and throw snowballs at him as many times as desired. Once you stop, your score will not drop until you start moving on your board then stop, or if you change locations.