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Shogun 2: Total War - Fall Of The Samurai PC Cheats

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Steam achievements

A Blow to the Temple - Win the Battle of Ueno without capturing any of the key temple buildings.
A Journey Begins - Play a historical battle.
A Warrior's Bane - Sink an HMS Warrior-class ship.
Agent Provocateur - Playing as the Choshu, incite 3 rebellions in the same campaign using an ishin shishi.
All Aboard! - Construct a railway between 2 provinces.
Damn the Torpedoes - Sink an enemy ship by ramming.
Double Dragons - Create a second avatar for use in avatar conquest mode.
Embrace the New - Attain the maximum level of clan development.
Ezo Republic - Declare your independence and complete a campaign.
Father of the Imperial Navy - Playing as the Tosa, carry out 5 naval bombardments in the same campaign.
Gateway to the West - Playing as the Satsuma, construct a trade district and trade with a foreign power within the same campaign.
Gift-wrapped - Gift your co-op partner an army or navy.
Hard Pounding - Call in naval fire support during a land battle.
Hereditary Honour - Playing as the Jozai, win 3 ambush battles in the same campaign.
Hero of the Empire - Win a campaign on legendary difficulty playing as either the Satsuma, the Tosa or the Choshu.
Hero of the Shogunate - Win a campaign on legendary difficulty playing as either the Aizu, the Jozai or the Nagaoka.
Journey's End - Complete all historical battles.
Keeping to Traditions - Defeat a Fall of the Samurai army with a Shogun 2 army.
L'Ocean is Mine! - Carry out a bombardment with a French ironclad in your navy.
Modernisation - Defeat a Shogun 2 army with a Fall of the Samurai army.
Not On My Watch - Chase down and rout an enemy unit as it tries to escape the Battle of Toba-Fushimi.
One Hundred Sacks of Rice - Playing as the Nagaoka, research any eighth tier technology.
Perfect Ten - Complete the Battle of Hakodate without any Imperial units being routed.
Redoubtable - As the defender, recapture a tower.
Rule, Britannia! - Win a battle with British ships in your navy.
Semper Fi - Win a battle with United States Marines in your army.
Skilled Warrior - Max out any [Fall of the Samurai] avatar skill tree, by spending a skill point in each skill within a single skill tree.
The Duellist - Fight a drop-in battle.
The Iron Lady - Complete the Battle of Miyako Bay with the Kotetsu having taken less than 25% damage.
Thy Will Be Done - Obtain a maximum level agent of each type.
Towering Inferno - As the attacker, burn a castle's gates, towers and tenshu to the ground using fire arrows and win the battle.
Uphill Struggle - Win the Battle of Osaka after both bridges get blown up by the defenders.
Warhead - Sink an enemy ship with torpedoes.
Wolves of Mibu - Playing as the Aizu, carry out 3 successful assassinations of generals in the same campaign using a shinsengumi.
Wrecking Ball - Win the Battle of Aizu after provoking all four hidden armies at once.

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