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Silent Hill 3 Cheats "Extra interactive scenes" (PC)


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Extra interactive scenes

-To get extra scenes during the game, have at least one finished saved game file from Silent Hill 2. New interactions with some objects and new scenes will now be available. These scenes are similar or with some type of reference to the previous game. For example, Heather trying to look for something stuck into the toilet in the mall.

-After you complete Silent Hill 2, the presence of its saved game files during Silent Hill 3 will cause flashbacks. The flashback locations are:

When you examine the second stall in the 1F ladies room in the mall.
When you examine the mail boxes across from Daisy Villa Apartments.
When you examine the poster at Heaven's Night Bar.
When you examine the small section of fence on the north side of the Brookhaven Hospital's Roof Area.

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