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Silent Hill 3 Cheats "Order of tarot cards at the last door of the game" (PC)


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Order of tarot cards at the last door of the game

Arrange the cards as follows during the normal action and normal riddle difficulty settings:

Northwest position: Eye Of The Night
Northeast position: Moon
West position: High Priestess
East position: Fool
South position: Hanged Man

Arrange the cards as follows during the hard difficulty setting.

Northwest position: The High Priestess
North position: The Eye Of The Night
Center position: The Fool
East position: The Moon
Southwest position: The Hanged Man

The riddle is a problem with Roman numerals. The Priestess is number II (2) as read on the book about tarots, the Eye Of The Night is XXII (22), the Fool is 0, the Moon is XVIII (18), and the Hanged Man is XII (12). Look in the book of drawings to see that XVIII can stay only in the east position (the last letter is I instead of L); XII is only in the southwest position; II is only in the northwest position; 0 and XXII have two places where they can stay. Swap them until you find their correct place.

During the easy difficulty setting, simply look at Alessa's Drawing book for drawings representing the different cards and where they should be put on the door.

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