Silent Hill 3 PC Cheats

Rating 4

UFO ending

Complete game and unlock the Heather Beam weapon. The Heather Beam is a special weapon which you can only use if Heather or Cheryl is not holding any weapon. Kill at least thirty enemies with the Heather Beam weapon before you get to your apartment. If done correctly the game will actually end there with a new ending sequence.

Rating 4

Puzzle in Bookstore

-When you have to put the books out of order, the solution is 4 5 2 3 1, under the normal action and normal riddle difficulty settings.

-The solution while playing the hard difficulty setting is 8 3 5 2.

-The solution while playing the easy difficulty setting is 8 9 6 4.

Rating 3

Douglas in underwear

After completing the game once, highlight the "Extra New Game" option at the main menu and press wwssqeqe followed by ESC and ENTER (using the default control setting). Heather will sigh after choosing a difficulty and riddle level to confirm correct code entry. In some scenes when you see Douglas, he will be wearing his underwear.

Rating 3

Heather looks dead

Equip the God Of Thunder costume to allow Heather to look like one of the evil Heathers in the Amusement Park. When you get to the scene where Heather will "eat" her pendant, you will see some kind of lettering on her fingers.

Rating 2

Extra interactive scenes

-To get extra scenes during the game, have at least one finished saved game file from Silent Hill 2. New interactions with some objects and new scenes will now be available. These scenes are similar or with some type of reference to the previous game. For example, Heather trying to look for something stuck into the toilet in the mall.

-After you complete Silent Hill 2, the presence of its saved game files during Silent Hill 3 will cause flashbacks. The flashback locations are:

When you examine the second stall in the 1F ladies room in the mall.
When you examine the mail boxes across from Daisy Villa Apartments.
When you examine the poster at Heaven's Night Bar.
When you examine the small section of fence on the north side of the Brookhaven Hospital's Roof Area.

Rating 2

Death scenes

There are several areas in the game where special death scenes occur for your character if you trigger them:

-In the hospital, let yourself to be killed by the nurses. The screen will go black, and then it will show Heather lying on the ground, as a male doctor zombie shambles up, grabs and widely spreads her legs, and drags her off into the darkness.

-At the last area, after Claudia kills Vincent and the exchange between Heather and Claudia ensues, equip a weapon and attack Claudia with it. Heather will then begin to bleed out and birth the "God". This is not really an ending since it counts as a "Game Over", but is a gruesome ending nonetheless.

-While in the subway, jump down onto the tracks and run all the way to the end of them, into the tunnel. Heather will be run over by the train, accompanied by nauseating sound effects.

-When on the train, justy turn around and exit through the door in the rear of any car. Heather will be on the very end of the train. If you move forward towards the edge, a first-person cut scene will occur in which Heather falls from the train onto the tracks, and dies.

There are other death scenes located in specific areas in the game. Look for areas that seem significant (locations from previous games, for instance) and allow yourself to be killed.

Rating 2

Run without stamina

Equip the Princess Heart costume tomake Heather able to keep running with no stamina remaining. However once you stop, she will need to catch her breath. This is also useful for the Heather Beam weapon, since it depends on how tired Heather is.

Rating 2

Die by getting pulled in water

After you get in the sewer, you should find a area with a door that has a warning sign next to it. Read the diary on the desk. It will have information revealing that a monster killed his friends and a little more on how to kill it. Save the game and go across the bridge without getting rid of it. A large tentacle will grab your leg and drag you in the water.

Rating 1

Beginner fighting difficulty setting

Die twice on purpose during game play under the normal fighting difficulty setting. The fighting difficulty setting can now be set to "Beginner" in the extra options menu.

Rating 1

Life display option

Complete the game under the hard difficulty setting to unlock "Life Display" at the extra options screen.

Rating 1

Crematory puzzle in Brookhaven Hospital

-The solution while playing the hard riddle difficulty setting is 9 2 7 1.

-The solution while playing the normal difficulty setting is: 9 3 6 7.

Rating 1

Life Bar

Complete the game under the hard action and hard riddle difficulty settings to unlock the "Life Bar" option at the extra options screen.

Rating 1

Ammo multiplier 5X

Complete the game once, then load your saved game again. Complete the game again nine times using the same saved game. When you start a new game or extra new game, enter the extra options menu. You can now set the bullet multiplier option to 5X. When you pick any ammunition, it will be multiplied nine times more than the normal amount.

Rating 1


When the intermission sequence between Vincent and Claudia is finished and Vincent dies, use the necklace.

Rating 1

Possessed ending

Get over 4K points after completing the game once before.

Rating 1

Second lobby door password in Brookhaven Hospital

-The password is an easy math problem. The first digit is greater than the second digit. The second digit is the third digit multiplied by two. The third digit is half of the first digit. The solution is 8 6 3 4, under the normal action and normal riddle difficulty settings.

-The solution while playing the easy difficulty setting is 4 6 3 9.

-The solution while playing the hard difficulty setting is 4 8 9 6.

Rating 1

Bloody mode 33rd floor lock password in Brookhaven Hospital

After hospital changes to bloody mode, you can go to the 33rd floor. At the top of the room is a stony picture on the wall. This picture shows you the order of the digits. For instance:

I is number of this bed is digit 1
II is number of this bed is digit 2
III is number of this bed is digit 3
IV is number of This bed is digit 4

Where the digits indicate the number of beds that you see bloody. The solution is 8 2 3 7, under the normal action and normal riddle difficulty settings.

Rating 1


The following weapons are available in the game:

Knife: Always with you.
Handgun: Acquired after an intermission sequence at the start of the game.
Steel pipe: Located in the shopping mall, in the corner of the cafe you unlock with the cooked key on the second floor.
Shotgun: Located in the subway station, in the train car.
Maul: Located in a room in the underground passage. It is stuck in a table on the left side of the room along with the map of the level.
Katana: Located on the fifth floor of the office building, in a closet at the end of a hallway that you enter though the art gallery.
Stun gun: Located in Heather's bedroom at her apartment, in her drawer
Submachine gun: Located in the hospital on the basement floor near the elevator.

Rating 1

Special weapon locations

Once you unlocked the following Special weapons they are located at the corresponding locations:

Beam Saber - At the end of the hallway where you get the bookstore key; hanging on the door.
Flamethrower - In Helen's Bakery (where you get the tongs); on the counter.
Infinite Ammo Sub Machine Gun - Immediately after exiting out of the bathroom window (after the start of the game) go left; it is at the dead end.
Heather Beam - After obtaining it, you always have it. You can use it when no weapon is equipped.

Rating 1


-After the sewer, go to the apartment 5F. There will be a room with a large hole. There is mattress near the hole. To the right of it is a wall that that has a light blue color section. Use a pipe to break the wall and get the silencer.

-Complete the game to unlock the Flamethrower, Unlmited Sub Machine Gune, and the Beam Saber.

-To unlock these two extra-weapons without having to play a new game from the start, save your game in the tarot-puzzle room just before the last Boss. When you finish the game, you will unlock one of the weapons (Flamethrower or Beam Saber). Save your results. After this, load that previous saved game and complete it again. You will now unlock the other weapon.

-Complete the game and save your results. You should have at least one special weapon unlocked (Beam Saber, Unlimited Sub Machine Gun, or Flamethrower). Then, load your saved game again. Completing the game the second time with the same save will unlock the Flamethrower (if you do not have it). Finish the game the third time, but kill the last Boss, Claudia, with only melee weapons such as the Maul or the Katana. After that, you will unlock the Unlimited Sub Machine Gun. Note: If you do not have the Beam Saber, then in the third time through kill the final Boss, Claudia, with long range weapons such as the shotgun or the sub machine gun.

Rating 1

Ranking system

At the end of the game after the credits, you will see the ranking you earned. Your ranking is determined by many factors, such as the time needed to complete the game and Boss, how many monsters you killed, how much damage you took, etc. At the bottom of the screen you will see two rows of stars. Each large star represents ten small stars, Use these stars to calculate your final ranking out of 10.0. For example, if you got seven large stars and eight small stars, your ranking would be 7.8.

Rating 1

Order of tarot cards at the last door of the game

Arrange the cards as follows during the normal action and normal riddle difficulty settings:

Northwest position: Eye Of The Night
Northeast position: Moon
West position: High Priestess
East position: Fool
South position: Hanged Man

Arrange the cards as follows during the hard difficulty setting.

Northwest position: The High Priestess
North position: The Eye Of The Night
Center position: The Fool
East position: The Moon
Southwest position: The Hanged Man

The riddle is a problem with Roman numerals. The Priestess is number II (2) as read on the book about tarots, the Eye Of The Night is XXII (22), the Fool is 0, the Moon is XVIII (18), and the Hanged Man is XII (12). Look in the book of drawings to see that XVIII can stay only in the east position (the last letter is I instead of L); XII is only in the southwest position; II is only in the northwest position; 0 and XXII have two places where they can stay. Swap them until you find their correct place.

During the easy difficulty setting, simply look at Alessa's Drawing book for drawings representing the different cards and where they should be put on the door.

Rating 1

Third lobby door password in Brookhaven Hospital

-For this, go to floor B, then to the storeroom. Head to the end of the room and take a photo of the bloody wall with a shelf near it. The solution is 4 7 5 6, under the normal action and normal riddle difficulty settings.

-The solution while playing the hard difficulty setting is 1 3 2 8.

Rating 0

Unlock up to ten Extreme Action Mode games

Complete the game in hard action mode to unlock Extreme Action Mode 1 (an increased difficulty mode). Complete Extreme Action Mode 1 to unlock Mode 2, etc. Continue doing this until you unlock the last one, Extreme Action Mode X. If you finish this last mode you will be rewarded with the God Of Thunder T-shirt.

Rating 0

33rd floor lock password in Brookhaven Hospital

The solution to the puzzle is about some birds. The order is as follows: Wren, Owl, Linnet, Sparrow. The solution is 9 2 7 1 under the hard riddle difficulty setting.

Rating 0

Perfume item in Brookhaven Hospital

In the hospital level in Normal or Hard mode, you can acquire a perfume item in the same locker as the nail polish remover. The only use the perfume has is that it attracts monsters to you when you equipped. It is only useful if you are trying to get a high score by killing as many enemies as possible.

Rating 0

Get Past the bats/moths in Hard mode in Shopping Mall

During Hard mode, you will encounter some bats/moths that block your path. Go back out to the hallway and look at the fan. There is a switch which you can use. Use it to turn off the fan, then go back into the hallway with the bats/moths. Use the pail to mix the detergent and bleach found in other areas of the mall, then turn the fans back on to eliminate the poisonous gas that is created by mixing the two.

Rating 0

Clean bunnies

In the introduction at the Lakeside Amusement Park (nightmare), when you look at all the bunny costumes, they are covered in blood. After entering the gift shop, you can see that only the pink bunnies are covered in blood, and the rest are clean.

Rating 0

Suitcase on bed password in Brookhaven Hospital

Look at the clock near the bed as the time is the password. For example, if the clock shows the 5h:6m, you would enter 0 5 0 6. The solution is 0 7 1 9, under the normal action and normal riddle difficulty settings.

Note: The clock should be read in military time. For example, if the alarm clock reads as 2:14 then it should be entered as 14:14 on the suitcase.

Rating 0

Heather Beam

Kill 333 enemies by playing through the game several times. Note: Wear the Transform costume to change the Heather Beam into the Sexy Beam.

Rating 0

Vengeful ghost on Subway

-When you first reach the subway station, look for a cluster of vending machines for coins and tickets. On top of one of those machines is a newspaper telling of a man who was killed, presumably by accident, by a train. Later, once you start descending levels, you will come across a stairwell that has an occult magazine lying on the ground. Read it to hear a description of how the ghosts of those who commit suicide or those who died by accident often come back to haunt the places of their death, and will either come to people for help or take revenge on them. If you read both of these articles and descend the steps, Heather will walk down to the subway track, and a tiny intermission sequence will ensue which has a ghost push Heather onto the train tracks. You must turn around quickly and climb back up, or you will be killed by an oncoming train. Note: That this occurred in the Extra New Game mode.

-For this to happen in Normal mode, you only need to look at the newspaper on the ticket vending machines for the sequence to happen. You do not have to look at the magazine.