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Silent Hill 3 Cheats "Weapons" (PC)


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The following weapons are available in the game:

Knife: Always with you.
Handgun: Acquired after an intermission sequence at the start of the game.
Steel pipe: Located in the shopping mall, in the corner of the cafe you unlock with the cooked key on the second floor.
Shotgun: Located in the subway station, in the train car.
Maul: Located in a room in the underground passage. It is stuck in a table on the left side of the room along with the map of the level.
Katana: Located on the fifth floor of the office building, in a closet at the end of a hallway that you enter though the art gallery.
Stun gun: Located in Heather's bedroom at her apartment, in her drawer
Submachine gun: Located in the hospital on the basement floor near the elevator.

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