Silverball PC Cheats

Rating 2

Cheat Codes

While playing any table, press the following keys to activate the corresponding cheats:

ENTER Hide scoreboard.
ESC B N Puts an extra ball on the table.
ESC F1 (params) N Displays "ENTER PARAMS THEN PRESS ESC" (Note that the "PARAMS" and their effects are currently unknown)
ESC F10 N Does a screen capture to the file SCREEN.PCX.
ESC F9 N Sound and graphic level indicators???
ESC J N Control the ball movement with the arrow keys.
SPACEBAR Nudge from the bottom.
T F Set ball tracking speed to fast.
T I Set ball tracking speed to instant.
T S Set ball tracking speed to slow.
X or > Lock right flipper.
Z or < Lock left flipper.