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SimCity 2000 Cheats "More money" (PC)


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More money

-Start a new city and type fund to issue a bond at 25% interest, then select the "Yes" option to confirm. Repeat this step to issue a second bond. Enter the budget window and issue a real bond. The interest should be displayed as ".%". Select the "Yes" option to confirm. Your city should now receive around $1 million per a year.

-Press CTRL + F3. Click on the "Rotate Counterclockwise" icon. Click on the resize box in the lower right corner of City Window. Click on the status window. Click on the "Population" icon. Click anywhere in the city window. Pull down the "Disasters" menu and select the horizontal line between "Riots" and "No Disasters".

-Type "imacheat" to receive $500,000 in the Windows 95 version.

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