SimCity 2000 PC Cheats

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Windows version cheat mode

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Debug mode [NOTE 1] - oivaizmir
$500,000 and all rewards - buddamus
Pirate Squid Club picture - joke
Start a fire - mrsoleary
Start a flood - noah
Stop a flood - moses
Start a nuclear disaster - gomorrah
Receive a military base - gilmartin
Gain $250 (85%) or disaster (15%) - cass
$1 million income per year - torg
Residential areas rezoned to churches - damn, darn, or heck

NOTE 1: Select "Debug" for the following options: show version info, more money, add all gifts, add all inventions, melt down, microwave, volcano, fire storm, mass riots, major flood, toxic spill, graph kludge.