SimFarm PC Cheats

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Flying the cropduster

To fly the cropduster use the following keys:

Turn left: LEFT
Turn right: RIGHT
Descend in altitude: PAGE DOWN
Increase altitude: PAGE UP
Land when above airport: END

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Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding case-sensitive codes during game play:

$10,000 - corn
Donate $10,000 unowned money to city - fund
Display llama screen - llama
3 cows in perfect health - poultry
Display version number - v
Test mode - t

Rating 1

Healthy animals

Place a barn enclosed by a fence then put four bales of hay and two water troughs in front of the door so that the animals cannot get out. They will stay in the best health and will not use any food. Just make sure to leave empty stalls for offspring. The position of the food and water is as follows (W indicates Water, F indicates Food, and B indicates Barn):


Rating 1

Good strawberry crops

Just after your strawberries turn from green to light red, flood the field. You will notice a great difference in the price value when harvested. You can also do this a month before you have to harvest the field.

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Holding animals

Rather than putting up fences for horses, cows, pigs, and/or sheep, just make ditches around their pen area. By doing this, they will not break the fences when they get too fat. None of those types of animals will cross a ditch.

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If you plant oranges, you can earn up to $28K. The crop will need to be changed however, because it takes nutrients out of the soil. Switch it with sugar beets and strawberries.

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Easy profit

Harvest a crop and start a drought from the "Disasters" menu. Wait until the price of your crop increases before selling.