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SimGolf Cheats "Boost stats" (PC)


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Boost stats

-To boost stats or keep them from dropping, when playing a hole, take your swing. Immediately switch to build mode and add greens or fairways while the ball is in flight. As long as you do not change the hole or tee positions, the game will continue. You will be able to get a bonus or prevent a drop in skill in the event of a bad shot.

-Get plenty of stars in your SGA evaluation until they say that they are interested in holding a professional tournament on your course. There should be plenty of good golfers who come out. When you see one with 100 to 150%. click on him and save him. He should save as a playable Pro. If he does not, enter the "/simgolf/themes/championship" folder. Copy him to the standard folder. If he is saved (for example) as "Journeyman Pro.chr", rename him to "Journeyman Pro .Pro" and that should make him accessible.

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