SimGolf PC Cheats

Rating 4

Select any hole

At the world map, you can select any hole even if you cannot afford it.

Rating 3

Cheat mode (alternate)

Press CTRL + S. Release both keys and type bombsheep.

Rating 3

Full stats

Use the following trick to create a golfer with all stats at 100%:

1. Create a new game with any desired theme.
2. Create a new hole of any size. Press H to open that hole and choose to play a practice round. You can now distribute points to your golfers skills. Add them in any manner desired.
3. Save your golfer and exit the game.
4. Start a new game. Go to your golfer's details and load your saved golfer. Once again, create and open a hole. Play a practice round. You can now add 10 or more extra points to your golfer.
5. Save (overwrite) your golfer again and exit.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 as many times as desired.

Rating 2

10,000 Simoleons and all landmarks


Rating 2

Easy tournament win

-Play against someone with any skill level in a 1v1 match or tournament. Right click on all of his stats until they are the red bar or 0 skill, then select small disc icon to save the character. Name him to something such as "Amateur" or "No skill" so he can be found easily. After that, when someone is beating you, click on them, customize, and select the folder to load the previously saved character.

-When playing against someone, wait until they tee off. Watch where their ball will land. Build water in its path just before it lands. Repeat this until they reach the stroke limit.

Rating 2

Free homesites

Click on tennis courts, then go directly to the bottom of the screen and click. When you bring your pointer over "Terrain" it should now read "Homesite" and give you a value of what you will get. This is useful when you are in the red and require money, but it may bring down your golfer's attitude slightly.

Rating 1

Easy games

While actually playing a course, just use build mode to remove obstacles and other hazards near the hole, then put them back during your opponent's turn.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Press CTRL + ALT + SHIFT during game play, then enter one of the following case-sensitive codes:

Your Pro has 990% in all skills - Tigerwoodsrules
Makes Happy the best rating - happysmile
$9 billion - moolahmore
Your course has the best SGA rating - sgarequest
All snackbars gives maximum thirst - 99beersonthewall

Rating 1

Easy land

Wait until IM Picky gets to your course. After he starts playing, remove the fifth or sixth tee. He will never know that this is not the end of your course. He will then grant your request for more land, providing that he is in a good mood when he finishes. Note: Don't remove the tee if he is in a bad mood, as he will not grant the extra land. Just wait a few more holes, take his complaints as advice, fix those problems, and remove the tee a few holes ahead when he is in a better mood.

Rating 1

Getting celebrities

In order to get celebrities, you have to play well in tournaments and buy all the shops and hotels. You must have a lot of visitors and members. If the golfers like you well enough you are likely to have celebrities appear.

Rating 0

Quick hole selection

Press 1 to 9 or SHIFT + 1 to 9 to jump to each hole on your course.

Rating 0

Unlimited money

Start a file and play that file until you get a message stating that you will be retiring soon. A year before retiring, start a new file. When you get a message stating that you have retired and are prompted to put the file in sandbox mode, answer "Yes". All the money you had from the previous game will be transferred to unlimited cash. Note: You may need to play the game for a couple Sim years to be able to retire.

Rating 0

Boost stats

-To boost stats or keep them from dropping, when playing a hole, take your swing. Immediately switch to build mode and add greens or fairways while the ball is in flight. As long as you do not change the hole or tee positions, the game will continue. You will be able to get a bonus or prevent a drop in skill in the event of a bad shot.

-Get plenty of stars in your SGA evaluation until they say that they are interested in holding a professional tournament on your course. There should be plenty of good golfers who come out. When you see one with 100 to 150%. click on him and save him. He should save as a playable Pro. If he does not, enter the "/simgolf/themes/championship" folder. Copy him to the standard folder. If he is saved (for example) as "Journeyman Pro.chr", rename him to "Journeyman Pro .Pro" and that should make him accessible.

Rating 0

Get free path and bridges

Choose "Benches" at the build course menu. Line benches up like a path. Once finished, erase the benches and a path will be left behind. For bridges, do the same steps, but over water. Erase the benches and bridges will be left behind.