Sims 2: Open For Business PC Cheats

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Better business

To get an advantage over your competition, make sure to impress the Reporters whenever they come around to your shop. If you manage to raise their customer loyalty enough, they will write you a good review in the local papers. This boosts customer inflow and willingness to buy. Just watch for visitors taking copious notes.

Rating 2

Sim never dies

Build a servo after obtaining the Gold Badge in Robots, then kill the Sims you started with. The only person remaining will be the robot, and you can do everything that you could do with a Sim normally, even buying businesses and operating them.

Rating 1

Testing cheats mode

To activate Testing Cheats mode, during gamplay, press CTRL + SHIFT + C to bring up the console window. Enter "boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true" to activate testing cheats mode. This is a very powerful cheat that enables many new things. In Create A Sim, after enabling this code, go into debugmode by pressing SHIFT + N before making a Sim. You now have the following new things in Create A Sim: clothing, skin tones, and some other options such as viewing the skinfilenames. During gamplay, after enabling this code, hold SHIFT and left click on a Sim to have lots of options, such as changing clothes, make your Sim fat or thin, set their aspiration level, etc. This code also can spawn some interesting items, such as the tombstone of L(ife) and D(eath), and family members.

Enable the "boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true" code, then go onto a different family. A code will appear at the top right hand corner. If you go onto the Sims' needs, you can click on each one and drag it up or down, whichever desired. You can also increase the skill points of your Sims in this way. This is useful if you want a promotion, if your Sim is depressed, if you are teaching a toddler to walk, etc. You can also hold [Shift] and click on a Sim. Click on "More", then "Spawn" and create the Tombstone of L and D. You can click on this, then "More" then "Make everyone here friends with me", which helps if you need friends to get promoted, or to complete an aspiration task.

Be cautious when using the "Testing cheats mode". Many glitches can occur, such as blocky/scattered picture, being unable to save, return to neighborhood, or quit. In rare cases if you use the code too much, you can lose the ability to travel to community lots. The car/taxi will drive offscreen, then immediately drive back.

Rating 1

Debug mode

When in the "Create A Family" screen create an adult female, and for her name type Enter Fitrs N. A popup will appear on the top right stating "Create-a-sim is now in Debugging Mode". Enter it without assigning your Sim a last name to get new clothing options, have your sims body be invisible, assign Fig Leaf Clothing, and use many other hidden secrets.

Rating 1

Reset Sim or object

If your Sim or object is not working with anything, try doing this. It will reset what they are doing with no harm done. After enabling the boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true code, SHIFT CLICK on the Sim or object that is not working. Keep selecting the "More..." option until you find the "Force Error" selection. A box will appear. Select"Reset". This will cancel anything they are doing, no matter what.

Rating 1

Save leftovers

To keep leftovers from spoiling, purchase a food display case. When your Sim is finished eating his food, and there is still food remaining on the plate, go into buy mode. Pick up the plate and put it in the display case. The food won't go bad and you can pick it up in buy mode and put it on a counter, table, etc. for your Sim to eat more of it.

Rating 1

Increase chances of conceiving twins

To add some twins to your family, the medical powers of Cheesecake may be useful. Have a slice before you "Try For Baby" and you may be surprised with the results.

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Cheat Codes

Press CTRL + SHIFT + C during game play to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat. Note: Some codes may be case-sensitive:

List most cheat codes - help
Display information about indicated cheat - help
Add money to indicated family - familyfunds
Close console window - exit
Expand or contract console window - expand
1,000 more Simoleons - Kaching
50,000 more Simoleons - motherlode
Remove all Sims; use in neighborhood view - deleteAllCharacters
Toggle terrain types; use in neighborhood view - TerrainType
Objects can be placed anywhere in buy and build modes; hand tool can move any object - moveObjects
Make Sims larger or smaller; 1.0 is normal - StretchSkeleton
Turn off facial DNA blending in Create A Sim - faceBlendLimits
Prevent Sims from aging - aging
Stop Sim's Needs from decaying - motiveDecay
Toggle automatic game updates - autoPatch
Slow motion; 0 is normal, 8 is slowest - slowMotion <0-8>
No censor; set to 8 to return to normal - intprop censorgridsize 0
Increase game performance with some graphics glitches - Vsync
Use in neighborhood screen to invite more guests with a party - intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims
Set to false to place objects out of grid - boolProp snapObjectsToGrid
Enable postprocessing cheats; requires video card that supports pixel shaders - boolProp enablePostProcessing
Set to false to remove props like rocks and towers from neighborhood - boolprop displayNeighborhoodProps
Set to false to remove roads from neighborhood - boolprop displayNeighborhoodRoads
Set to false to removes trees/plants from neighborhood - boolprop displayNeighborhoodFlora
Set to false to remove water from neighborhood - boolprop displayNeighborhoodWater
Set to false to removes house graphics from neighborhood - boolprop displayLotImposters
Set to false to remove bridges from neighborhood. - boolprop displayNeighborhoodRoadsWithModel
Set to false and lots will not light up when highlighted in neighborhood - boolprop lotTerrainLighting
Set to false to remove removes water (ponds) from lots - boolprop lotWater
Set to false to remove floorpainting on lot - boolprop lotTerrainPaints
Unknown - boolprop lotTerrainCanvas
Set to true and cars will have more detail in neighborhood - boolprop carsCompact
Toggle grid in build or buy mode - boolprop showFloorGrid
Set to trueto show lot information - boolprop lotInfoAdvancedMode
Set to false to remove removes shadows on objects outside house - boolprop objectShadows
Set to false to remove shadows on objects inside house - boolProp guob
Set to true and walls will no longer cut away from selected Sim - boolprop renderSelectedSimLevel
Set to true to see the path where the selected Sim walks to - boolProp displayPaths
Set to true and blocks appear on Sims faces and on parts where Sims look at - boolprop displayLookAtBoxes
Toggle shadows for Sims - boolProp simShadows
In neighborhood, shows filename of house when lot is highlighted - boolprop ShowLotPackageFilename
Set to false to place floor tiles outside lot - boolprop locktiles
Set to false to raise and lower floor even when covered with objects - boolprop constrainFloorElevation
Set to true to light up objects continuously instead of only when used - boolprop allObjectLightsOn
Allow object rotation [NOTE 1] - boolProp allow45DegreeAngleOfRotation true
Change television volume; default is 0.5 - floatProp tvVolume <0.0-1.0>
After typing expand, will you see the game version in the cheat box - gameVersion
Clear console window - clear

NOTE 1: Use the COMMA or PERIOD keys to rotate the object. Some large (for example, multi-tile) objects may not visually appear correct at 45 degree angles. This should not be used on windows or doors, as they will already snap to diagonal walls. There is no guarantee that Sims can interact with all objects that are at this orientation, but most should work. Use this with the boolProp snapObjectsToGrid code.

Rating 0

Cheat Codes (command line)

Activate the following effects by entering the corresponding command line parameters:

Disable sound - -nosound
Full screen - -f
Set screen resolution - -rx
Windowed screen - -w