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Sims: Hot Date Cheats "Recommended tactics" (PC)


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Recommended tactics

First, create a 9x9 wall square as this is the size the house should be for one person. On the center of the wall facing the road, create the door of your choice. Do not put in any floors or wall paper. In one corner, create a 2x3 room. In this room, make a door on the two-square end. Then next to the door, place the cheapest toilet. Across from the door should be a shower, and across from the toilet should be a sink and white mirror. After that, make a 4x4 room somewhere on the opposite side of the bathroom. In here, put a silver refrigerator, a white oven, a silver garbage disposal, and a single, cheap counter. On the counter put a food processor. On the opposite side of the room, make a 1x2 desk. Place a computer and two chairs here, so you can use the computer and eat at the same desk. On the square next to the door, put a phone that connects to the wall. In the largest room, place the following objects: a cheap bookshelf, a work-out machine, a chess board with one chair, a gnome making desk, a preserve making desk, and a TV with a black lounge chair. If you want more money to spend on floors and wallpaper, then get a black-and-white mini TV. Otherwise, get a black 24" TV. The first thing to do in Live Mode is get to a job. Only take jobs that have a daily pay of $200 or more. If none of the jobs pay this high, check the newspaper. Usually the newspaper will have the same jobs as the computer, but they may be different sometimes. If you still cannot find a job with that pay, then go to the gnome making desk. Make gnomes until your Sim cannot work any longer. Go into buy mode and sell all the gnomes. This will make up for some of the money you have lost. If you get a job that has the right amount of pay (over $200) then you should make gnomes until your carpool arrives. When the day is over and your Sim is worn, then replenish his/her's stats. Keep making gnomes and preserves and always sell them. Do whatever is necessary to gain job promotions. If your job needs creativity, always paint (because you can sell your paintings). If you need friends, take every other day off to make friends downtown or at your home. When your relationship with someone goes below 75 (top bar, 20 lower bar) then repair your relationships to ensure promotions. Continue getting promotions and build onto your house until your Sim's house's net worth is over $95,000. When it is, buy any lot, create your dream house, and finally get married.

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