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Sims: Livin' Large Cheats "More friends" (PC)


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More friends

-First, enable the move_objects on code and pick up the end of the sidewalk, then pput it in your house. Make sure your Sim is in the house. Then, delete your doors. Sometimes a visitor will walk in. You can now talk to them without them leaving.

-Create a hot tub and wait for someone famous (patched game version). Talk to them, and encourage them to go in the hot tub with you. When you are in, create objects around it (tables, counters, etc.). You will now keep talking to them. This will make you more famous.

-Create a hot tub and encourage three Sims to enter, then build objects around them and wait. Set the speed to "3". By the end, you will have three friends. Get any object that consists of social interactions (couch, table, chair, etc.) and build barriers around them once you have a friend joining you in it. Then, set the speed to "Ultra" and wait. Their and your social needs and your friendship meter will increase.

2 years ago

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