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Sims: Livin' Large Cheats "Quick career points" (PC)


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Quick career points

-Choose a category to build up. For example, if "Body" is to be increased and you do not have a "Home Gym System" in your house, purchase one. Note: If you already have some career points for your Sim(s), save the game first. After placing your Home Gym where you have enough room, have your Sim do a work out. After he gets on, set the speed to "Ultra", or the speed between that and normal. Watch their needs meters so they do not get too low. You will see their Body points fill up. Enable move_objects on code, save the current and new body points you have, then switch to buy mode or build mode. Move the white hand over your character, click on him, and delete your character. Return to live mode and quickly click on that Sim's picture. This will allow you a promotion almost everyday. Repeat the above process to fill up your career points. The more career points you have, the harder it is to get the last few on each bar.

-Make sure your Sims do not have a job. To get perfect skills for your Sim and their jobs, first make a family and a house with all the necessary items needed to give the Sims their skill points - home gym, chess board, bookshelf, guitar or piano, and mirror. When you finish the house, enter buy mod and enable the move_objects on code. Have your Sim to walk in the house, and then click on build mode. Click the wall tool and take out any doors that go outside (so no visitors can interrupt you). Tell your Sim to work on something, such as body skills. After they start, put the game on Ultra Speed until they stop, then quickly turn the speed down to the speed above pause. Click on the "..." button on the bottom of the control panel. Save the game by clicking the disc. When it is done saving, go to buy mode and delete your Sim. Return to live mode and immediately click on the face of the Sim in the control panel. His comfort, hunger, and everything will be full so you can keep working on your skills. After completing them all, put a door back on your house so you can make lots of friends. Note: Make sure you still do not have a job. After you make about 12 or 13 friends, get a job. You should get promoted almost everyday if you keep all of your friends. For example, get to the top of the Science career track to become a mad scientist and get your own private limo. Note: If you have more than one Sim in your house, you should delete all but the one Sim you want to work on until he/she is done.

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