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Sims: Livin' Large Cheats "Sonny The Clown" (PC)


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Sonny The Clown

To get Sonny The Clown to come to your house, purchase the Tragic Clown Painting and put it up in a room. After that, get your motives all the way down. The game will tell you when he appears. He wanders around, attempting to cheer you up but he will only make you madder. You can interact with him with actions such as "Cheer up" an such. He is fun for awhile but then starts to get on your nerves. There are two ways to get rid of him. You can either raise your motives or go to a phone, select "Services" and choose "Clown Catchers". This will cost 500 Simoleons, but it is funny to watch the person run around with a crazy looking gun trying to catch the clown.

2 years ago

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