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Sims: Makin' Magic Cheats "Easy MagiCoins" (PC)


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Easy MagiCoins

-In  Magic Town, perform on stage all Sim day until your Sim decides by himself or herself to stop. The maximum number of MagiCoins possible in one Sim day is 675, with full logic. Then go home immediately, go green up, and then you can do the whole thing over again to make a lot of MagiCoins.

-Duel Vicki Vampiress for the most MagiCoins. If you have 5 in Logic skills and you defeat her in all the rounds, you will get 36 MagiCoins. If you defeat her in three rounds, you will receive 27 MagiCoins. If you end with a tie, you will get 18 MagiCoins.

-Create a family and move them to an empty lot. Then, wait for the Mystery Man to appear and give you a box full of magic accessories. Collect the 36 MagiCoins from the box and save the game, then evict your family from the lot and repeat the steps using the same family until you have collected the desired amount of MagiCoins.

-Have a Sim get the Starters Kit and make them open it. Make your Sim take the Wand and the Magicoins. Then make your Sim take something else out of the box (for example, Butter, Toadstools, Toadsweat) when they are reaching down for the item. Pause game play and delete your Sim, then resume the game and the box will be open and shut. Click your Sim at the bottom and make them open the box. There will be more Magicoins. Repeat this as many times as desired.

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